Friday, January 14, 2011

Sticks and Snakes in Red Rock!

Bam says I attract wild women, and fabulous free-spirit Carm is no exception!  We swung in to see her on our way home from the Tropical Fruits party - in her tucked away beach village of Red Rock.  It's so tucked away they all get water from...wells.  And they like it that way!

Carm showed us a marvelous time, cooked up a storm, and besides introducing me to my new video addiction - Playstation's  Singstar, (which is like a judgmental karaoke - I've been categorized as a "hopeful"!)  she also took us around and introduced us to Red Rock's most influential and important citizens!
Carm and beck: the Real Housewives of Red Rock
Beck (above) is also a SCUBA instructor, and I'm not even going to tell you the naughty things she does underwater!!

Later at night, we went "ghost crabbing" with the kids along the beach.
We built a bonfire, and while collecting sticks one of us nearly picked up a very long stick but was pulled back by a friend Tim, a local Aboriginal, who recognized it as a two meter tiger snake!   Its venom is ranked one of the deadliest in the world.
Despite the ever present danger in Australia - blue bottle jellyfish!  Red back spiders!  Six foot long tiger snakes!  Who cares where the nearest hospital is!  Wouldn't it be fun to grow up here? Red Rock is surrounded by national parks, so it can't grow - but it's got a river, beach, creeks, islands, and the eponymous Red ochre Rock which you can turn with a little water into a pasty war paint!  It's all very Tom Sawyer Down Under!!!

And ghost crabbing!  After pouncing on a bunch of the crabs that skitter across the sand, you dig a hole, put your feet in, and dump the crabs on top.  Last one to run away wins!
no crabs were harmed during the ghost crabbing

Thanks Carm!


carms said...

haha what a great story about red rock! you got almost everything right, cept our water is rain water that we get off the roof and funnel into a big water tank via pipes. and we like it that way!

you will have to come back again soon and will singstar one night and go camping the next!

it was great to finally meet you and the most patient man in the to joe!

Jesse Archer said...

You're on, Carm!

And why is it everyone thinks Bam and Joe are so patient?

carms said...

we are high energy people and they are sloths. somehow people mistake lethargy and inactivity for some divine like ability to hang out with us and call it patience...