Sunday, January 16, 2011

Britney's Back in Rehab. Yawn.

The floods which capsized Queensland have offered me a chance to see Australia's new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.  Though Queensland's PM Anna Bligh is articulate and full of passion, Julia Gillard speaks on the tragedy in terms so ineloquent, so rote and monotone, I wonder why they don't bust out smelling salts to wake her up as she speaks.

Even prior to seeing her in robotic action, I didn't like her.  She's a woman, an atheist, and she's against gay marriage?  That's basically a vegan ordering a rare steak topped with whipped cream and fudge, until you realize: Oh yeah, she's a career ventriloquist POLITICIAN! 

After voting Obama for change, and seeing even he can't stop funding "surges" to Afghanistan for a war with aims as unintelligible and unidentifiable as a Jared Lee Loughner rambling, is it any wonder to anyone that something or someone else is really in charge?

So what are you gonna do?  About what you don't know.  About the truth they refuse to tell you.   

After the recent victory claimed by Hezbollah in Lebanon, my parents asked if Cooldan is okay.  He's in Beirut, and I hadn't even thought to ask if he's okay because, um, what's new?  Everyone knows Lebanon is a puppet of Syria or Hezbollah or someone...because everyone wants a chunk of ancient Phoenicia and its Mediterranean access (so much better to attack Israel).

If you ask me, which nobody has, I'd say: These are holy lands?  The Middle East is most unholy, an aggressive terminal cancer as toxic and anti-human as the religions which birthed it and if you truly want "holy" then move to a peaceful place, seek it out, wherever it may exist, perhaps the mountaintop where Julie Andrews spins around singing about the hills being alive (not alive with gunmen; but with song).

Yes, it's always the same in "holy" lands and Cooldan responds to my concern thusly:

"It's nothing we haven't experienced over 100 times before. No one is even shocked, surprised, or worried. It's just another daily thing. Since the day I was born, we never had a government, and when we do, we might as well not.

So with the ministers gone, nothing will change. You know you don't need a lot of cooks in the kitchen to make a corruption dish. They will reelect some new ministers and may bomb each other a bit and then back to square one (square one being in primitive times, with the dinosaurs and all).

Think of politics here like celebrities in the USA: Britney got married, Britney got an annulment, Britney went insane, Lindsay went to Rehab, Lindsay got out of Rehab, Paris got a DUI, Paris is out of jail...."

The New York Times says as much, in this editorial by Anthony Shadid, with an apt quote from a Beirut shopowner:

“If you’re watching a movie and one gunman shoots another, are you scared?” asked Afeef Hamdan, a store owner in the revived neighborhood of Hamra. “No! That’s what it is.

So I ask again...what does one do?  Wait for civilization to be Gone With the Wind?  I can't think about that right now.  If I do, I'll go crazy.  I'll think about that tomorrow.  Great balls of fire!

Frankly, if I paid too much attention, I'd become desensitized and start saying what you want to hear and not what I mean to say; I'd need Scarlett's aunt Pitty Pat's smelling salts to wake me up to my own political voice which I'd only recognize as something similar to that of Julia Gillard.  So I'll shun and ignore them, both politics and celebrity, until they come gurgling out of me, helplessly.

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Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Better not start saying what you think people want to hear and not what you mean to say. That wouldn't be any fun.

About the ever-turbulent, religion-drenched Middle East: the distinguished historian David Levering Lewis calls it "God's Crucible" in his really good book of that name. The book's a bit of a tome, but it tells how the centuries-long wars between the Roman and Persian empires over control of the Middle East exhausted them and left a vacuum which led to the rise of Islam. There's a lot more in the book, including how from about 900-1200, intellectually and religiously tolerant Muslim Caliphates permitted free intellectual inquiry which preserved and continued the traditions of Greek philosophical thought which had been lost to Europe in the Dark Ages. Unfortunately, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism put an end to that, but not before Arabic translations of and commentaries on Plato and Aristotle got transmitted to Europe and eventually fired up the Renaissance.
So, maybe there's hope for some similar silver lining in all the current mess.
Does that make me sound just like Scarlet too?
Glad CoolDan seems OK.