Friday, December 24, 2010

Xmas Eve Down Under

As I white slather zinc oxide sunscreen on my face at the beach on xmas eve I can't help but think what an extraordinary month it has been!  NYC>PDX>SFO>SYD! 
From High Gear
Shift into Snow Gear
And hit the brake! 

It's interesting to see Christmas iconography is the same in the sunny southern hemisphere.  You know how you'll be in Mexico around this time of year and see cards depicting Mary and Jesus looking very, er, Mexican?  Jesus is as many-faced as as his believers! 

So while I have seen sunbathers and surfers in Santa hats, I half expected to see lights hanging off of gum trees, but nope -Australian xmas is all about the fake fir tree and (man, I am embarrassed for Rudolph!) locals driving with reindeer antlers fitted up into their side car windows and a big red nose on the grill.  

Merry Christmas from Sydney!


Tony said...


WHY DON'T YOU RUB IT IN SOME MORE, now that you're in the Southern Hemisphere and sunning yourself on the beach.
In the Western NC mountains today it's a balmy 24F,
snow expected tonight, so WE at least will have a white Christmas. So there.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Bam.

Jesse Archer said...

Tony I'm not sure how you get balmy out of 24F, but you do have the snow, I'll give you that! The only white thing here (besides the people) is the zinc sunscreen. Come for a visit!

Jesse Archer said...

And Merry Christmas to you!