Friday, December 10, 2010

Mindy Cohn behind-the-scenes of Violet Tendencies!

In this video, Mindy talks about her time on the NY set of Violet Tendencies and about working with Casper Andreas, Marcus Patrick, and myself.  That's our gorgeous Kim Allen (who plays Salome) in the background. I hope they do a behind-the-scenes video with her, too! 

This (plus deleted scenes, commentary, bloopers, extras, and more interviews with the film's stars) will be included on the Violet Tendencies DVD.  Which reminds me -- we've only 5 days left on our DVD kickstarter campaign.  Click the top right margin of this blog to pledge for a DVD (and get your name in the credits) plus much more -- all the way to becoming an Associate Producer on the film.  If we don't reach our goal, it will all vanish! 

Casper is also doing a give-away - help us promote the campaign by posting this kickstarter link to your FB wall and you'll be entered to win 10 free DVDs!! (There will ten total winners - just let me know in a facebook message once you have posted).  All it takes is a post! Thanks for your continued support!

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