Thursday, December 02, 2010


Am I the only one who couldn't stand Glee?  I watched the first few episodes of the first season of GLEE a while back and was thoroughly annoyed. Annoyed that I was annoyed because I LOVE musicals!  But the stories were further than the perhaps-a-planet Pluto in terms of plausibility -- a woman pretending she was pregnant so her husband would love her, and a doctor easily bribed into going along with it?

Or the ridiculous plotline about a queeny kid who signs up to be the football team's kicker, but the only way he can kick a ball through the goalposts is to convince the entire football team to perform the choreography of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" right there on the field.  DUMM!  These storylines were so dumm they couldn't even spell it!

Beyond dumb, I felt it irresponsible and insulting to queeny kids everywhere to portray a fantasy so far-fetched because there is no way on this planet that a football team would do the choreography to anything but beat-the-queeny-kid-up.  I couldn't even imagine such a scenario, not from high school I know, not from a high school I even wanted to know - so far out of the realm of possibility. 

Flash forward a couple years and someone sent me this clip, when the queeny kid goes to another school -a more accepting school (more accepting, even, than even a football team who will do Beyonce for him!), a school he can't afford, a school that has a Glee club with another boy like him (as evidently there's a dearth at his alma mater) and they meet, in song, and I realize maybe the show has matured.

Watching this clip, a I realized this could happen - maybe not singing Katy Perry, and definitely not for me, any longer, but yes for kids in high school today - they can meet, hopeful and backed-up, and it made me wish I could reverse time and attend a high school where this kind of teenage dream could exist.  It melted my winterized heart knowing, gratefully, this lies within the realm of possibility today.


Gary said...

Yes, GLEE is has moments of brilliance and then smacks you in the face with moments of awfulness seconds later. Even Jane Lynch is getting tiresome--and that is saying something. The thing that bothers me most is that Brittany and Santana get to be bisexual but Kurt has to suffer as the Only Gay Kid. But Brittany's one-liners are hilarious...I wish we could isolate her scenes and just watch those (the same way I always wanted to extract only the Jack & Karen scenes from "Will & Grace")!

Peter Cross said...

And yes we do love us some Darren Criss