Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Friend...ship cruise

Since the digital revolution I've failed miserably in my photo album duties.  Thankfully, there's this blog so all is not lost - virtually not lost - at least until I stop paying domain fees!  Here's the latest, last of my life with friends in New York City. 
Ice Skating in Central Park with Travis
Opening of Industry Bar with Lair, Lee, and David
CoolDan gets smothered by Devan, aka Miss Tomorrow
Miss Tomorrow shows some sexy cleavage!

And strikes a pose
Marco cooks for Becky, Crazy, Wayne and me!
Do not mess with Big Red when she's in the tacky xmsa sweater!
WHO gave Crazy Dan a gun???
I'm half-way outta there

2 comments: said...

Great photos! Gotta love NYC! Especially in the fall/winter and during the holidays. Did you know NYC was ranked the BEST gay destination in the US by the Gay & Lesbian Tourism study? Only makes the Big Apple that much more great!

Tony said...

Hey Jesse-

Loved the "halfway" picture.
So is that red fur-trimmed thing your garment of choice for NYC winters? Before you go out with it on, maybe you should add some underwear - otherwise you might freeze some bits off - and wouldn't that be tragic?