Sunday, December 26, 2010

EXPOSING all the glamor of your summer in FIRE ISLAND PINES!

We're nearly locked on the edit of Half-Share - the webseries comedy pilot we shot on Fire Island at the tail end of this season.  It is going to be LYAO funny! 

Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at our shoot on the fabled, fetching, and ever-fabulous island of Misfit Boys!
Fun in the sun!  Patti Lupone: 20% off.
Alec Mapa says YES to crack

Co-writer/producer/director Sean Hanley is never without his Diet Pepsi!

Marcus and Justin Borgstahl

Makeup artist Chad Hayduk of
Kyle Spidle as "Mac"

 Stewing in the hot tub!  We almost lost the actors to heat stroke.
All aboard the fairy ferry!
Setting up for the dinner scene
Lighting up the Michaels' intro
Low Tea with Baby-Love, Jesse, and Kyle!
Jack Plotnick and Sam Pancake: The madcap Michaels!
Preparing to discover the beached drag queen Anita Spinoff
Ginger has washed ashore.
Alec Mapa and Sam Pancake

as "Ito" and "Michael No"
Cinematographer Andrei Bowden-Schwartz
Bam Bam prepares for an on-camera beach stroll

Bianca del Rio managed to get us on stage, and subsequently shredded!
Love this shot of CoolDan, overworked costume designer!
Erin Stacey - the real housewife of Half-Share!
Alex Hammer with the boys
Marcus Shane as "Wee"
Jesse Archer as "Lex" on deck!
Boys will be boys
Joey Dudding is a survivor!

Kevyn Morrow as "Harold"
Script Supervisor Kim Mallett in action
Designer Lee Clayton providing inspiration
as he sets up the BLOW table, courtesy of Maison 24

Here I am with our wardrobe superstar Cooldan!!
Shooting "Low Tea"
Behind the Scenes at the Blue Whale
All wet

The Share House! 236 Beach Hill, Fire Island Pines

 That's a wrap!

A huge thanks to the cast (special shout-out to comedians Alec Mapa, Sam Pancake, and Jack Plotnick who flew out from LA!) who took an already hysterical script (if I do say so myself!) and improv-ed it into their own.  Sean and I are also deeply grateful to our crew, volunteers, investors, and all those people (and business owners) in Fire Island Pines who made Half-Share happen.

Fire Island Pines has only boardwalks and so between the three houses we lived in, and the locations we shot at, it was china-man-in-the-rice-patty heave-ho'ing equipment all over the place in wagons.  It was truly a team effort: day player actors, and even total strangers chipped in to bear the weight, not to mention our hero caterer Becky Kellam who managed to feed us in ways we've never been fed before!

We can't wait to finish up.  Once we lock on the final edit, we move on to sound editing/mixing, music composition, song rights, color correction, etc.   For more info and photos - keep up with our website!  WWW.HALF-SHARE.COM

We look forward to an early 2011 premiere.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

What a cool looking house!
Hard work notwithstanding, y'all seemed to be having a good time, to say the least.
Eagerly awaiting finished product.

Chad said...

Lupone... 80% off!!! HA