Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Escape From New York

I've been putting off posting this news because that makes it official: Bam and I are moving to Australia.

I've been nearly exactly a decade in New York, much longer than this grasshopper ever expected to stay in any one place. I'll return for visits, for work, and creative projects - but the people I know who have left NYC and returned to live there again - I can count them on one hand.  The mere thought of another slog to the laundromat!

I'm the kind of person who doesn't want to miss a thing, and when you don't want to miss a thing - you're also the kind of person who misses everyone. I am heartbroken at leaving my home and all the lovable misfits who shared it with me - each with their own courageous, inspiring, and often elaborate tales of how they came to arrive and survive in the true America which Gotham represents.

It is hard to be sentimental about leaving a place where buildings, jobs, businesses, and people appear and disappear; all getting torn down and built back up at a rapacious pace, inexorably forcing the fact that change is our only constant.  Accordingly, I've long felt New York City was a place to take with you; not a place to become. I'm not a lifer - lifers move to brownstones in Brooklyn.

So I'm choosing a new adventure, and in its anticipation I've been afforded the unique opportunity to see the city the way tourists do, wide-eyed and wondrous. Not in the love/hate, get-out-of-my-way, let-the-building-burn-just-turn-off-the-fucking-siren way that those who live here see it.

Recently I noticed the city I encountered when I first arrived.  Caught in the crosshairs of my mind are my last race through Union Square station, the final stop in the center of the mega wattage that is Times Square. My last drink at the dive bar, the last swipe of my Metrocard. The night I left, the Empire State building glowed orange.

Australia better be fastening its seatbelt!  It's time for a new adventure.

I hope you choose yours.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Congrats on your 10 years in the Big Apple. Not everyone can make a place for themselves in that town as successfully as you have. Even though I was born in NYC and love visiting the place as you know, not sure I'd be a lifer either. We'll both always return with excited anticipation, but I'm going to miss seeing you there.
I'm excited about the the adventures that await you and look forward to hearing about them here. All the best to you and Bam.

Auntie M said...

Wah :`{

We'll miss you very much. But I know the creative projects will frequently include visits to Seattle, if only for the L&G Film Festival. Keep on blogging. Love, Auntie M, BJ, Thomas, Lyssa and all the crew at Lastwear.



Casper Andreas said...

Well I left and moved to LA for 3 years then I came BACK! I also moved to Sweden for 3 months once and then I came BACK, so I refuse to think that you moved for good. You'll be BACK.



Jesse Archer said...

Hmmm...maybe I will be back? But definitely not until summer's over ;)

Candy Apple Blue said...

Jesse... It sounds like you need a vacation! Australia huh!? That's awesome... I think of Men At Work, Air Supply & Olivia Newton John... of course Kylie too... all the same NYC will miss you I am sure... but wasn't it George Carlin who said everyone should live in New York but leave before it makes you bitter... I don't think your a lifer either... Cancers thrive on inspiration... if your uninspired in the concrete jungle maybe it is time to find some earth... GOOD LUCK! I'll be keeping an eye on your blogs - Carly

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks Carly, I like that!! :)
Merry Christmas to you and Hoyt! XOXO