Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cast your vote for the BEST OF THE BRINK 2010!

I've whittled 163 blog posts down to these finalists. Take the poll, and for an informed vote, click on the legend links at right!

Cast your vote for BEST OF THE BRINK 2010
Myra Mains and the Mary Mourners take Pride NY
Broadway Bares Strip-o-Poly
Carol Channing singing Hello, Dolly! to herself
Coney Island Mermaid Parade, surviving the BP oil spill
106 year old Doris Eaton Travis and the close of the Ziegfeld Era at the Easter Bonnet
Burning Man Festival and the Temple of Flux
Violet Tendencies premieres!
Plus size drag queen beauty pageant at Ybor City's "Honeypot"
Fourth of July and the Fire Island Invasion
Timeless maven Joan Collins does the splits on stage
Times Square's Naked Cowboy rides Mechanical Bull
Christwire gives the fag hag an elaborately tragic fate
Cooldan's dance-floor panty swap
Miss Vera's Finishing School creates Mildred Fierce
Ann Miller's Great American Soup
Ethel Merman takes down Loretta Young
Give Bam Bam his blasted Sherry!
Making out with Rollerena as a bottle of poppers at Halloween
Choose your own favorite, and add in the comments!

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All my best wishes to you for an adventurous 2011! And we're OFF!

Broadway Bares its Best!  Strip-O-poly!

Raspberries!  Get shot out of a cannon with Carol for a Cause!

Coney Island Mermaid parade – tar-slicked survivors of the BP gulf gush

The "Miss USA at large" pageant - for drag queens over 250 pounds!

The Naked Cowboy rides the bull at Gerald McCullough’s birthday!

Christwire heralds the thud of the fag hag, and how g*d removed the bike lane

Miss Vera and transform me into Mildred Fierce.  C U Next Tuesday!

Let’s face the chicken gumbo, and dance!  Freaks of nature, including shoe humping turtle and Ann Miller

Ethel Merman takes on Loretta Young, via Stephen Sondheim

Bam Bam’s Doc Holliday dive bar lament: "What kind of establishment is this?"

A big whiff of Halloween!  A bottle of poppers making out with the queen of Studio 54, Rollerena

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