Friday, November 05, 2010

Violet Tendencies opens today!

Get your Violet on this weekend.  Come out, come out, wherever you are, and catch our raunchy tribute to the cheeky ladies who make the gays of our lives so much brighter!

Starring the inimitable Mindy Cohn, the film plays one week at QUAD cinemas (34 West 13th street) here in New York City!  The cast will be attending screenings all weekend.  For advance tickets, head here.  See you at the movies!

Click to make it bigger! 

Here's an on-set interview with our hunky go-go God Marcus Patrick -- he talks about the film and has sweet things to say about Mindy, Casper, and me.  He calls me a "Happy Puppet" and "Captain Inappropriate"!!!  Yes, that's one reason I love him.  Inappropriately!


Dtown~Blog said...

Hope you had a wonderful opening night! Enjoy the feeling xox

Bob Frank said...

It's finally out! I can't wait to see it! My brief experience with this movie is one of the highlights of my life. It was interesting how Marcus Patrick said you and Casper approached the making of this film with a "Zen-like quality". Perhaps the book I gave you influenced you a bit after all :)

I hope it makes you a ton of money.

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks Bob and D-town! Opening night was great. So good to see everyone again ;)

"Zen-Like quality" - haha, that was just the blank stare we give out when over-stressed ;)

That book will get more valuable to me over time I'm sure! Thanks again.