Monday, November 01, 2010

Poppers to the People *or* "How I sniffed my way through Halloween"!

I was a bottle of poppers for Halloween.  "The best aroma in the world!"  At least that's what the back of our t-shirts said.  CoolDan and I went as Jungle & Juice: the Popper Twins! 

The necklaces were created with recycled bottles of years past, the t-shirts Dan did with iron-ons, and our cap is genuine cardboard.
The coup de grace was the live popper ring, created with very little thought and a lot of gorilla glue.   Lady Gaga took to the popper ring like a duck to water!
So did the Twister board.
And Audrey Hepburn.  After Breakfast at Tiffany's, she took a whiff of the ring...
 ...and immediately broke out into a series of ballet moves.
Right there on 66th street!
Beautiful.  And that is why we must provide poppers to the people!!!

I've got to say that as I was on the subway, sandwiched between Prince Charming and Lady Gaga, I felt a bit intimidated.  Especially when some nosy kid asked me, "What are you?  A chef?"  Both his mom and me were thinking: What was a popper bottle doing on the Upper East Side???

We were treated to a wonderful dinner at Le Chat Noir
followed by...a party avalanche!

This party (happy birthday, David!) overflowed onto the roof and then into a vacant apartment next door.  Somewhere in the city, there is a real estate agent hating us right now!! 
Anita was a "Fantasy Lion" -with this impressive lion head and mane.  Of course she bedazzled the hell out of it!! In fact, it became so unrecognizeable, towards the end of the night she was heard exclaiming, "For the last time, I'm NOT Lady Gaga!!!"
I thought she was looking rather more like J Lo. 

What's going on here?
 Everybody got their hands on this one.

I was predicting a Lady Gaga vs. Snooki showdown at the Village Halloween parade last night, but it turned out to be more weighted with blue Avatar people and Chilean miners.  The Chilean miner fiasco was truly a goldmine for last minute marys, who all ran out to purchase a hard hat, head lamp, and poof: Halloween costume problem solved!

Wish I had photos, but the ol' camera died pre-parade.  "Fantasy Lion" Anita got caught on ABC news.  Check out the :56 mark here!  The camera did come back to life for party-time.  Trust me, you did NOT want to be a bathroom attendant in New York City last night!!!  Whacky whacky whacky in club land!

At Griffin in the Meatpacking District, I caught Whitney Houston!
A few turns of the dance floor later, I caught Whitney without her wig.  "Now I'm Grace Jones," she deadpanned.  And that's what we love in our divas: Versatility and range! 

Caught lovely Rollerena, the legendary Queen of Studio 54!
Romance ensued!
Next up VanDam - the kids there always get extra credit for effort!! 

The remains of friday?  Saturday?  Sunday?  I give up!

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