Saturday, November 13, 2010

Poppers are Dead, Long Live Poppers!

What do you think about Indiana?  Cows, car racing, the Music Man, Hoosiers?  What exactly is a Hoosier?

Indiana was ALSO the world's prime producer of poppers!  But now your bottle of RUSH poppers, the iconic lightning bolted yellow bottle, is now a collectors item. 
A couple of months ago, the owner of the corporation (Pac West Distributing) which produced RUSH, Joe Miller, committed suicide. And the rumors are flying!  Was he about to be an accused pedophile?  Or was he driven to put a gun to his head after his factory had been raided by the feds?  In any case, he's gone and the gay delicacy known as RUSH went with him.  What to do now about the popper crisis?  There's a blog for that!

By most accounts, Joe Miller was a good guy - a generous philanthropist who donated huge sums of cash to democrats and HIV/AIDS awareness.  He was the largest donor to the gay film festival I'm attending here right now.  I spoke to a few people at the opening night party who toured his factory -- and while they didn't know the formula for poppers - they said it was kept in giant vats, like you'd find at a winery!

The topic fascinates me - did you catch Jungle Juice my Halloween costume,?  I fish for further info from a man named Gary (Gary, Indiana!) says he still has a whole case still in his freezer (he brought me two when he came to my screening.  People are so nice here.  Thanks Gary!)  Interestingly, back in the mid-1980's confusion over how AIDS was transmitted, many a gay blamed poppers!  

I also learn from these guys that Amyl Nitrate, or poppers, commonly sold as "VHS head cleaner" or "the original room odorizer" (!!) was actually sold over the counter in the 1960's and was the first iteration of what would become nitro glycerin-- that pill people with a risk of heart attack take to open up their arteries.  Poppers work in the same way, Gary says, in that with a whiff they open up, you know, everything....

So I ask the group, "You're telling me poppers are good for the heart?"  They nod (and wink) enthusiastically.



Indiana Matt said...

Great Jesse!!!, Now that I know poppers are good for the heart I can justify making them part of my health regimen.

ps. Sorry I didnt make it out to the military party,
have to now work in morning. Hope its a blast!

Jesse Archer said...

@Matt - it sure beats exercise!!

So fun meeting you. xoxoxo