Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Pants Are OFF!!

It's pin-up in print!  Earlier this year, I was proud to be one of the subjects in fab artist Paul Richmond's "Cheesecake Boys" series -- a sexy twist on men who find themselves in compromising positions usually held by females!

You may recall mine, "in hot pursuit", was an homage to female slasher victims who couldn't manage to keep their clothes on:

Now he's got the book out!  In "Cheesecake: The Pin-Up Art of Paul Richmond" -- you get ALL the boys, all the backstory -- and more (behind-the-scenes, how-to's, and why's) -- PLUS, it was my honor to be asked to write the book's foreword.  Look closely, got my name on Jack Mackenroth's measuring tape!

Please preview the first 15 pages here -- you'll see what a special piece it is -- and don't forget to get yourself a copy while you're at it!


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Checked out the preview of "Cheesecake Boys," and by hitting the zoom button a bunch of times was able to read your foreword.
Liked what you said about "confronting and resisting traditional ideas about what it means to be men..."
And here's a question for you and trivia buffs out there: what's the song you reference/adapt in your lead?
It seems like it's from an old 70's R&B number. Before your time I know, but not mine. Still, I can't quite place it.

Jesse Archer said...

Hi Tony - not a 70's R&B, unless it was a re-make! I was referencing a Jayne Mansfield vehicle (& song), "The Girl Can't Help It'