Friday, November 19, 2010

Out 100 Party!

All of gay new york city in a big iceberg called the IFC!  Honorees of the magazine's annual Out 100!  I got to meet Johnny Weir.  I totally adore him - and let me explain why: He's unabashedly himself, an individual, the likes of which we don't witness enough.  He's even queenier than I am (no small feat), and the fact he's an Olympic figure skating champion thing just throws it into overdrive and makes me want to bow down!  I planted a kiss on his face (is there make-up on my lips?) and asked how often strangers ask him to perform a double axel.  "Not often," he said. "They usually just say: There goes that bitch!" I said, "OWN IT!" Then he told me he liked my hair.

I also met Steven Slater -- the flight attendant who spoke for all flight attendants when he called out some evil airline passenger. He quoted to me verbatim what he said over that intercom.  Now I was sixteen vodkas to the wind, but it resembled: "To the bitch who just called me a motherfucker -- I've had enough after 20 years with the likes your rudeness." -- and off he went. The first human ever to actually use the emergency flotation chute.

Oh, and I met transman honoree Amos, who publishes the FTM rag "Original Plumbing" (!) and let me just say that after attending the Mr. Transman Pageant in Brooklyn this year - I became keenly aware that there are a lot more FTMs out there than you imagine because they pass.  I'm pretty perceptive, but many of these dudes are literally unspookable.

Then there was Ft. Worth City Council Member Joel Burns who told bullied teens "It Gets Better" right there at the City Council meeting.  He had actually introduced my film at the Ft. Worth film festival this year -- great to see him, and proud he was able to deliver such an important message -- especially since I can't seem to figure out how to deliver my own "It Gets Better" message.  My impulse is to make people laugh, but I can't find the humor.  Michael Musto (also an Out 100 honoree) says he wants to make an "It Gets Worse" video, and I can't blame him because all too often after the bullies, religious parents are gnashing their teeth in the wings.  How about another campaign: "You are better"!?!

Also on hand tonight: Nate Berkus, Ari Gold, Derek Hartley & Romaine (don't miss their Sirius radio show!), Andy Cohen and Dave, drag darlings Dallas Dubois, Sherry Vine, Logan Hardcore, and the bitch of the bayou, Bianca del Rio.  Bear City's Gerald McCullough, activist heroes David Mixner, and Lt. Dan Choi, who was  kicked out of the military under Don't Ask Don't Tell.  "Did you handcuff yourself yet AGAIN to the White House fence this week?" Yes he did. 

"But this time you used some GORILLA GLUE on the handcuffs, right?" He nodded and added that all the activists also went "limp" when being arrested.  LIMP - an word we both agreed is always a last resort.  Unless, of course, you are the US congress.

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carms said...

if you want to make people laugh, make them laugh. then remind them that the only reason you can do that is because IT GETS BETTER. then you can do what comes naturally and also send a message from the heart by showing how great the present and future is and how even though the past was shit, it will change!

sounds like you had a ball and got to meet some excellent people!