Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I'm a sexpert!

Ever since I got an online medal (see right margin for my ribbon! Oh, the pride!) for being one of the best sex blogs on the web, I continue to be baffled, excited, disappointed, and PITCHED.

I guess it's paid off posting about naked men at the car-wash or frozen balloon dildos, because now I'm getting free Sex Toys and all I do is put that link on the blog!

Yes I was offfered any item from an online sex store, so I gravitated toward Penis Rings, because...where else would I find a cock ring and leash ?  My home is no longer short on conversation pieces!

Too bad I got this a day AFTER halloween.  Just a tug and he obeys.  This piece may be the perfect companion to my human pup show video!  It is also parent-friendly.  This intimate item might also serve practical purposes, such as buckling it to your child's wrist while on a visit to the Natural History Museum.

And now back to my gimp...

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