Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where's the Mo?

Can you spot me in my 4th grade class photo?  Guess away!  Guess what else?  I'm not the only pre pubescent 'mo in class!  I'm now very close with my pal Jimmy.  I love you Jimmy!

Filled with innocence, field trips, expansive green outdoors of Oregon, and a teacher who nurtured our creativity (Mr. Burger built forts in our class!  And he once even gave me extra credit for having doodled a Star Wars figure on my math homework!!!)
This would last two more amazing years in elementary school.  After that, everything rapidly devolved into unmitigated ruthlessness, but to CFT, and the last years of knowing personal peace...I remain grateful!


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Little hard to tell, even after enhancing the image.
Maybe because all you 4th grade boys look alike with those bowl haircuts. So I'm guessing little Jesse is the one in the far lower left corner.
My goodness how he's grown.

Jesse Archer said...

Hi Tony,

Guess again! :)

Tony said...

How about this: I'll give you my next two guesses in order of priority:

1. the kid in the far lower right
2.then maybe the kid in the green&white baseball shirt, 3rd row, second from left.

Otherwise, I give up. Someone else will have to try. In any case, you sure look different now, especially in your shirtless pose here!!

Jesse Archer said...

Bingo! I'm on the right -- which is kind of a first for me. Mom made me wear that butch plaid that year. If that's what threw you off ;)

carmel said...

bottom right for sure...