Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunless in Seattle!

Twas my thrill to head back to the Seattle for the Three Dollar Cinema to represent Violet Tendencies!  And I dragged Cooldan with me to see the sights.  We got to see friends, my parents, and even my sole surviving grandmother!

Which brings me to this dump bar called "CUFF".  Last time I was in Seattle I crawled under the pool table at Cuff, but this time Cooldan jumped on this sort of separator ledge between the dance floor and the bar, so I'm up there with him and get ripped down by security.  I say (how many times have I said this?) "Get your paws off me!" and mister 19 year old security kid is wailing: "You're 86'd" to which I reply: "That's a BIG number, bub!" He's dragging me as I'm screaming, "But It's a BALANCE BEAM, asshole!"

The next day we went to visit my grandma at her elderly "church camp" run by the Methodist church up in Stanwod.  Apparently my grandma was one of the first Mennonite turned Methodists to ever wear a wedding ring (scandal!) and she is super sweet but despite being a trailblazer in her own right, she did manage to tell me as I left, "be good jesse!" In these cases, one is supposed to say something like, "I'll be good at it!"  But instead I told her I'd be as good as I could be, which is more of a deflection.  I also learned from her that I am part Russian, which is clearly the reason I see a balance beam where security sees public hazard.

Between all that, and despite the Ocotber rains, I had an amazing time at the festival with Cooldan, family, and friends in Seattle!  Special thanks to Greg, Auntie M, Sizz, and my mom and dad!

Thanks to Facebook's new slideshow I can't seem to pull any photos from the weekend, except this one sent me by the ever lovely and generous Sizzlene and pal Sofonda Moola!  Who's the squeeze?
Brook, Jesse, Greg, and Cooldan at "Barbie's Playhouse" aka Greg's Place on Capitol Hill.
The Q&A following the Violet Tendencies screenings, where I get to interact with the audience and they get to ask oh-so-pressing questions that REALLY Markus Patrick's penis?  And I say, yes his member is not mechanical!  It does its own stunts!  Or maybe they want to know where I came up with "Biss"?  Or if that drunk dial my character makes is really based in reality.  Not yet!!
 Then I get to hang out with the cool kids.  Eyewear by photoshop!
Jonathon, Greg, Dan, Jason, and Brenda!

Special thanks to Auntie M and family, Shawn, and Greg who came to support Violet again and again!

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