Saturday, October 30, 2010

Next, Dish Miss, and the A-List New York!

Thanks to Peter Sherwood interviewed me for NEXT magazine's Gay-Take-Away, where I revealed where to pick up at $2 falafel, but maybe I should keep my secrets to myself?  Not sure the press is good since they've already raised the price to $2.50! 

And to Jed Ryan gave a fun review "Fag Hag Goes on a Manhunt!" of Violet Tendencies on Dish!!!
Looking forward to seeing most of the cast next weekend when the film opens at Quad Cinemas on November Five (buy advance tickets here -- scroll down to date november 5 or later).  Also, Adrian and I (above) are going to be doing promo for the film at NextWorks on November 9! 

Have you caught the A-List on Logo?  I was called in to audition for the show, which literally went down like this.  They asked:  "How much money do you make?" "Which celebrities do you know and hang with?" and "Do you own a faaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous apartment?"

I answered: "No, No, and No".

But I caught an episode and saw they got the cast they were looking for!  Funny enough, our group of Gay Pride Mary Mourners were recently spotted on the show!  Here's a screen grab:
I want to add that Myra Mains did not sign a waiver!!!

Also seen here: Cass-Kit, Anita Plot, Pearl E. Gates, Liza Topahim, Lavinia Hearse, Rhoda Will, Daisy Pusha...and the sign for our dearly departed friend Anthony Valente.


mylo* said...

Jessie, i'm an Aussie recently on vacation in NYC, and was exposed to the A-List TV show... We have nothing like 'Logo' down under, so was keen to absorb some new programming - alas was completely turned off by the vapid, money driven 'characters' on that show. I hope the boys on that show aren't like that in real life, because they were an embarrassment, to themselves and all of us.
It's a pity the producers didn't decide to inject a personality into the show, because i'm certain "The Jessie-A List New York" would have been much more entertaining.

Jesse Archer said...

Hi Mylo,

Thanks - very sweet of you to say. Though I would never use the term A-List for myself or anyone else. As I said, I think the producers got what they were looking for - which says more about American audiences than it does about the show and its characters.

I'm sure it's scripted, like all "reality" programming, and that's all I'm gonna say about it because if I learned one thing from the two episodes I watched, it's to keep my mean-spiritedness to myself! :)

I hope you had fun in NYC!! I hope to be down in Australia this season.