Friday, October 15, 2010

It Gets Better

The recent spate of teenage suicide -- is this an uptick?  Or is the media just now reporting on the phenomenon?  I'm sure that there is no change in the amount of kids bullied, harrassed, and driven to suicide by their peers and the irresponsible adults and teachers in their lives who look the other way.

Dan Savage started an online youtube project called "It Gets Better" to show our youth life does get better!  We may not be able to go into schools, but we can post videos and tell them the horror will end and that we're waiting for them on the flip side.  There are so many videos from users all over, including celebrities like Chris Colfer, Jake Shears, Perez Hilton, Jewel, and Ke$ha to name a few.

Here's a fun one from Jeffery Self and Guy Branum

A touching video from Tim Gunn:

Here's Ft. Worth City Councilman Joel Burns, sharing his emotional story in front of the city council. 

Probably the man who can affect the most in our pilgrim nation, Bishop Gene Robinson weighs in:

Although this topic is way too close to home, I've decided to make a video too.  Will you? 

The human mind has a terrible time believing what it doesn't want to believe.  I remember not believing the torture would ever end, but it did.  And it got better.

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Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Thanks for sharing those messages.
Pretty powerful stuff, particularly that Fort Worth City Councilman's story.
And here's hoping LGBT kids in an oppressive religious environment will take heart from Gene Robinson's message especially.