Friday, October 08, 2010

The Joys of Directing!

Half-Share was my first experience directing, but I'm bossy so I enjoyed it!  Just watch my style as I direct Anita Private back into the sea that coughed her up!

Anita came out to Fire Island do a cameo, but ended up doing so many cameos we started calling her Anita Spinoff.  In this one, she had a rough night and ended up passed out in the surf in all her finery, heel one in hand and flask in the other.  Two of our cast, the "Michaels", played by Sam Pancake and Jack Plotnick, were to walk along the surf, and step right over her. 

Anita wore a long golden shimmery dress which prompted them to improvise, while stepping over her, "Look - Ginger washed ashore." The other glances back and says, "Ginger?  More like Mrs. Howell."

During one take, the water came up and washed all over the faceplanted Anita.  I ran into the ocean to grab her wig and smash direct her back into place.  Our editor Alex caught the action on his camera.


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