Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fierth does the Latex Ball!

I hosted this video with Mike Diamond at the Latex Ball, which has nothing to do with latex and all to do with vogue realness!  It was actually a benefit for GMHC.  I had my most embarrassing on-camera moment EVER when I spoke with a volunteer who told me she had been HIV positive for 18 years, and I responded, "Congratulations!"  Anyway, she knew what I meant.

That did not make the edit!  But check out Empress Farrah Moans!  Or Logo's John Polly punk me with my own question.  The visuals alone here are out of this world.   By visuals, I mean the people! 

PS. Me (and my blog!) are in purple today to remember the spate of recent gay or gay perceived teen suicides. I'm sure this is nothing recent and we have lost countless young souls to anti-gay bullying since the dawn of religious dogma.

To those being beaten and bullied: Hang on! The world is so much bigger than where you are now -- just look at the Latex Ball -- so please don't give up on yourself! You're not alone. I survived Fowler Junior High School.

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Anonymous said...

You were quite correct to say to the young volunteer who had lived 18 years with HIV and say "congratulations", as congratulations are well deserved.

I remember the Reagan years when HIV appeared and nothing was said, and HIV was a death sentence.

How different your age is from mine, mine with the Beach Boys, Annette Funnicello on the beach with Frankie Avalon, and we all had nothing to fear.