Sunday, October 10, 2010

35 is the new middle-age!

It's been a big weekend for the guys back home!  I can't wait to tell you about the Miss USA "at large" drag queen pageant I saw in Tampa, at a club called Honeypot. All the queens in competition had to weigh 230 pounds or more!!  That's a whole lot of sewed up and strapped in love simmering on stage, and the winner, a Miss Tahjee, was missing a leg.  I kid not. 

Now in Rochester, the city built by Kodak - you should see the beautiful homes! Our Violet Tendencies screening went fabulous and I can't wait to see "Ticked Off Trannies With Knives" here at the Imageout festival tonight.  Casper and I also did a fun podcast this morning which you can listen to at Gay Street Beat here.

I'm feeling a little guilty for being away, though, since it was Cooldan's 35th birthday on friday!  The theme was "mid-life crisis" so he dyed his hair - AND his chest hair - jet black.  Then he smeared on more bronzing self-tanner than a Boca Raton retiree!

I hear he ended up puking in his own kitchen sink, so clearly I didn't miss anything new. 

Also on Friday, Bam Bam got his US citizenship!  He's been waiting for this a long time, and pulled a sneaky one by telling all of us that the swearing-in was a "private" ceremony so nobody would come. It's my hunch he didn't want to hear a burst of laughter as he swore to protect and defend.

Congratulations, Cooldan and citizen Bam!!  Sorry, I was at the Honeypot watching the plus size pageant...


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Tell CoolDan that from my perspective, 35 is the new adolescence.
And congrats to Bam on becoming a US citizen. We can always use another good man aboard.
Listened to the fun interview with you and Casper on Gay Street Beat.
But Jesse honey, what's with your hair color in the accompanying photo? Was it the ambient light? Mislabeled bottle of Clairol? Maybe it's my computer screen. Don't worry, whatever the cause, it's still a cute pic.

Jesse Archer said...

uh oh Tony! You see why I didn't post that photo on here. I wish I could say it was the photographer or lighting, but honestly that was some cheap bleach I put in my hair before we shot Half-Share, and each time I went in a pool or jacuzzi it got more and more, er, orange! Welcome to my new life as a ginger.

I really should stop using the cheap dime store bleach!