Friday, September 10, 2010

Burning Man Photos 2010 - by Day!

Radical Self-Reliance, Radical Self-Expression, and just plain radical art!  If you ever get here, you'll wonder what took you so long...

Our camp -- all decked out and standing in front of Bessie the bus. Clearly, I forgot about "tutu tuesday"
Before entering Black Rock City, the "gatestapo" get you out of your car and roll you around in the dust proclaiming: "This is the cleanest you're going to be all week!" How right they were! Here are photos from daytime -- nighttime (when the place really turns into a different universe) photos to follow in another post.

There's so much to do -- from trampolines, to roller discos, to dancing at giant domes with world class DJs, to zooming across the desert on the back of a giant art car...and with the gifting culture, everyone takes care of everyone.  It's the way the world could be if we were focused less on what separates us and more on what unites us.

One day, I tried the Monkey Chanting tent.  I only lasted about ten minutes.  Had to leave before I started speaking in tongues and foaming at the mouth.  It reminded me a little too much of church.
The afternoon place to dance is at DISTRIKT.  It's around the far side (9:00) of the grid, and has some of the hottest kids on the playa. You will never see hotter straight people in your LIFE than at BM.  Not that anyone cares if you're straight or gay; it's all for one and one for all.  It staggers me to imagine how different a person I would be if the world behaved like the people in Burning Man.
Wig envy!!
The best thing is that everything on the playa is totally random and unexpected.  Like this guy zooming around.  Don't forget to sweep up the dance floor in your very own customized Vaccuum Cleaner!!!
showing off our bikes
Cooldan, Paul (love the matador ensemble) and Bam
Jesse does not want to stop dancing.  I found the Pink Mammoth.
This woman is the largest sculpture of a woman ever made in the USA.  SPECTACULAR.  Probably the best piece of art on the playa this year. How do they get it out there? 
I headed over to the man one morning and discovered they were setting up for the nude bike ride!  For all the miles one bikes around the playa every day, this can't be comfy for the scrotum, but what a site! 
"Starbooty" Lee relaxes back at camp.
Dju rehydrates.  The sun and sand are brutal!
 Bam Bam has a tiny cocktail while modeling a "Furkini" he was given at Furkini camp.
Our camp neighbors looked out for us 110%!  Thank you Maman, and Akua...

Meanwhile, Cooldan hits up the "teabaggers ball".  So did I, of course.  Look how non-chalant these tea baggers are.  "A teabag for you?" they called out to passersby.  And the best part was when some girl would make her boyfriend do it.  Heck, it's Burning Man.
Of course I had to climb up this installation and hang out in the wavering ball. 
This is not, thankfully, the installation I fell from.  And by fall, I mean we were playing around on this ten foot high swing and it just snapped as we lay on it...crashing to the ground.  Dan was unscathed, but my ripped shoulder (must be shoulder cuff, I can't raise my elbow up) took me to the medical tent where they gave me a sling made of plain muslin (I'm like, can you swing a swath of organza please?  This is not going with my outfit!) and an ibuprofen.  Ibuprofen?  I was hoping for an oxycontin/codeine mix with a morphine chaser!

I am born-again!!  This claustrophobic happening occured well before I fell off that double decker swing because look - my arms can still reach over my head.  Things were so tight in there that as you're being birthed (and it's not a graceful birth, let me tell you, because you've got to kick up your legs and wriggle down like a fish.  It rips all of your clothes off in the process, which I suppose is the intention. Still, not the sexiest way to take your clothes off.
We tackled a game of mini gold with these pretty girls from Edmonton.

The green was not very even, I have to say.
Dan and his friend Scotland adopted a gnome from gnome camp. 
The flying carpet!  Complete with multi-hosed hookah for your flying pleasure.  Sure beats air travel.
Mutant vehicles.  Wherever they stop, you can get on.  The best way to see the playa -- and a great break from all that cycling.
One afternoon Paul and I sat on the back throne of this giant ram.  With a shrimp? Thalidomide? tail.  As it cruised around and stopped for impromptu parties along the playa.
Black Rock City is truly a city for one week.  Granted, there are no garbage cans (pack in, pack out!) or showers, but all who enter offer something.  There's a post office, an airport, a radio station, and all free for an exchange or performance.  The "Boutique" is a free thrift shop.  The price of a garment is on the way out - you must model it on the runway!  We had no problem slipping into something more questionable.
Bam, Jesse, Dan--relaxing on an art car!
In front of center camp with Cooldan rocking my easy, breezy HAKAMAS, a huge hit on the playa.  
 In Center Camp, the contortionists. 
We caught a kabuki-esque on stilts performance mid dust-storm.  They told a story, some kind of story without words, I'm actually not sure what kind of story but it was absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing.
Honeycombs big, yeah yeah yeah!
Necking by sunset in a....giant chair?

The "Talk to God" phone was CONSTANTLY busy. Typical.
To all you little monsters who populate Black Rock City one week a year....thank you!


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Tony said...

Thanks for the great pics. What in the world was that net thing?? So now you're born again , again?? Craazy!!

Kantiki Jayamana Whateva said...

Just putting in my voice as well that DISTRIKT is the daytime killer. This might be heresy to say, but I think it's actually better than The Deep End. It is a bit annoying that all the bars have to card now, but what a small complaint for very tasty, heavily souped drinks that are free.

...n yeah... the greeter station is where cleanliness ends. Fun post!

Christine said...

It looks like you had a great time. Once again I find myself living vicariously through you. I suppose if I look on the bright side, at least I haven't had any unwelcome sand anywhere on or in my body recently ;-)
Baby's crying...gotta go.
Love ya!

Mercedese said...

You certainly captured the freedom of expression that is Burning Man. The only place in the world that you can go once a year and be your real self and everyone understands because they are "One of Them" that the Normals are always trashing. Its a good feeling to be accepted by your own true beautiful people. Thanks for putting it all on line.

Unknown said...

Do you happen to know Lee "StarBooty"'s last name. We connected this year on the playa and I'm trying to contact him. Thank you . LASH

Jesse Archer said...

Hi Lash, he's Lee Clayton ;)