Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Go Limp and Get Flushed Out!

Hiking the Indian Heaven wilderness on Mt. Adams, Washington with Bam and my cousin Karen. We're just under Hell Roar Canyon, and there's a lot of snow still on the mountain this year thanks to a freak snow storm this May.
Extra snow makes for extra water down below where we went white water rafting with my family, making for a memorably wet reunion!
Not so gracefully going over Husum Falls.
We were told if we fall out of the boat, the current would whisk us under for ten seconds to churn about in the middle of this glacial washing machine.  If this happened we were to "go limp" and it will "flush you out".  At Husum Falls there's a bridge where all manner of people watch you get flushed out of the falls.  Rafting is a spectator sport!! 
My uncle Pat (in foam, at right) flew out, but he refused to let go and go limp!
I wave to our fans on the bridge as my uncle fights for his life. Ha!

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Tony said...

Great pics! I'd have loved to have taken that whitewater raft ride (w/o falling into the hydraulic). Glad your uncle survived.