Monday, August 02, 2010

Death By Pom Pom and other Exits.

I can't stop dying! That's all I do in my dreams these days.  Die - in various, highly original, supremely  phantasmagorical ways.  The other night had to be the most dramatic ever.  I found myself suffocating to death on a POM POM.  What a way to go!

Someone said, "Do you sleep with decorative pillows on your bed?" I don't.  Was it some sort of dormant fear of cheerleaders?  Were they streamers?  Because where have you seen PINK pom poms?

Everyone always wants to know, "How did they die?" and "Cancer" is just such a boring answer.  One of my relatives died when a branch fell on her back in the 1800's, which I think is pretty fabulous.  I'd like to go by Pom Pom, or eaten by that Great White they nickname "the Submarine" in South Africa.

Or, you know, just not cancer.  I just found this photo on my friend's blog.  Cooldan and I jumped into this pool during Bay Dance and got in HUGE trouble by the organizers.  "What's wrong with your heads!?  Don't you think before jumping?  Didn't you see lights and cables underwater?   They looked electrifying.  Ra-Ra-Sis-Koom-Ba!

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