Sunday, August 29, 2010

Burning Man 2010 - "Metropolis"

In Reno, Nevada with Cooldan and Bam Bam -- readying to get off the grid at Burning Man!

Last night we were thrilled to catch the final performance of my friend Bob Barsanti's zippy production of "ZANNA, DON'T" in the backyard of a gay bar called the Patio.  How much do you love that?  We brought sleeping bags, and even the bedspread from our Super 8 motel...and still we froze.  The desert of Reno is subbing for Alaska tundra at the moment.

The Patio bar not only puts on theatrical productions in their backyard, they've got video poker at the bar!  And they sell t-shirts that read "I followed the 12 steps and they led me to the Patio Bar" - a memento I really want to purchase and mail to my sober friends, if I had any, attaching a "thinking of you" note.

Reno is, of course, the biggest little city in the world, and has some amazingly historic and memorable motel marquees.  It also may be the biggest little emphysema capital of the world as I've seen at least three separate people carting around oxygen tanks.  One old dude (sucking down a cocktail at the Patio Bar, mind you) was sticking the bifurcated tubes up into his nostrils when I asked "Are you getting high off of that?" Cooldan ran away from me in horror.

Zanna Don't (Xanadu?)--is billed as a "musical fairy tale" and despite having one of the worst titles in the history of musical theatre ("Love Never Dies" notwithstanding) is an incredibly entertaining and current musical (with a message) about an all gay world that suddenly has to deal with two characters who discover they are (gasp!) straight!  The cast was game, the songs catchy; this show should be performed a lot more often!

For our own fairy tale, we're headed to the incredibly inspiring world of Burning Man's Black Rock City.  For more, check out the video piece I did for OURsceneTV.  I can't wait to get back for some more "radical self reliance", baby-wipe baths, and costumes galore.  This year I'm going to rock the playa in my custom-made violet Hakama pants from Last Wear!

We are "Camp Freckle" and driving out tomorrow with friends Lee and Dzu in their pink and white bus called Bessie. It's a gifting culture out there (no money exchanged), so we are going to be giving out....freckles! Cooldan also created these postcards we'll be sharing:  
We return to the default world next week! 

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