Thursday, July 22, 2010

Steamboat Willies!

It's magic!  Had a 2 bottle-of-champagne lunch ("It's a business meeting!") with producer Mich Lyon, and we're now forging ahead to shoot a new comedy web-series I wrote with my friend Sean Hanley!  The investor proposal is currently in the making on "Half-Share" - our new series set on Fire Island, where anything can happen.  And often does!  

Seriously.  Last time I was there, my friend Matt Tague had his birthday on a paddleboat!
Would you believe the ship was titled "Delta Lady"?!!!  We went all around the bay and back.  The party theme was "Steamboat", which in my mind translated to Mark Twain and Huckleberry Finn.  In the RSVP I asked, "Are you going to set me adrift on a raft with a big burly black man?" Then I got to work digging up the necessary patchwork pants....

everyone else brought corn-cob pipes and straw hats out of hiding!
Who said there's no women on Fire Island?  Here we are with the lovely Leslie Jackson.
Make that 2 beautiful women!
The birthday boy and his beautiful beau Ross.
Windy American Flag.  Best dance partner EVER!!
Patchwork OVERLOAD.  Good thing Dan was holding himself.  I never would have made it under!
Justin and Cooldan rock the boat
Happy Birthday to you!  Victor frosts Matt.
Matt and Jesse.  Summer lovin - had me a blast!
Dan had a wardrobe malfunction.  Which functioned perfectly.
Tattered, torn, and happy to be here!

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Matt Tague said...

I don't know how I missed it but just seeing this post now! Love it and missing you here in NY!