Friday, July 09, 2010

Howling at the Orpheum

After the OUTFEST opening bash last night, I left the hotel on foot last night to find something to eat in West Hollywood and everything was closed at midnight.  Even the KOO KOO ROO was closed.  When I end up firing up a burrito in the splattered microwave of 7-11, I was missing New York City real bad.

Then today I was running through the gigantic, enormous, crowd-free aisles of Trader Joe's and I was loving Los Angeles.  Is there a happy medium out there anywhere? A 24-hour city with space?  We were welcomed to Los Angeles by our friends Tom and Linda and a minor earthquake!  Ha!  And also some cold.  New York is putting out 103, but Los Angeles can't break 70?  The summer atmosphere is schizophrenic.  I'm blaming BP.

We're excited to reunite with Mindy Cohn tomorrow, at Violet Tendencies' sold out premiere!  Mindy spills everything and an interview with Brandon Voss at the Advocate.  You'll never believe what they were up to at the all-girls school!   Casper and I did a live radio show this morning with the hysterical (at 8am?  He was at that party, too.  How does he do it?)  Frank DeCaro.   We arrived at the studio bloodshot, still wearing our wristbands from the party (and 7-11 burrito run) mere hours before - so glad it was radio! 

The Outfest opening gala was at one of the only movie palaces they didn't turn into 99 cent stores and "se compra oro!" shops in Downtwown LA: the gorgeous ORPHEUM theatre. Character actress Jane Lynch was honored with the achievement award.  In person, she's really tall.  At least 6 feet tall.  In her acceptance speech, she gave some inspiration to aspiring actors and filmmakers with a quote from none other than Carol Brady: "Find out what you're good at, and do good at it."  Not sure how that inspires aspiring writers, because whoever wrote that line for Carol Brady knows writers never get their due!

Refreshingly, writers were given their due with Outfest's opening night film, the Allen Ginsberg biopic HOWL, starring James Franco as the famed East Village beat poet.  You just know Ginsberg got a big posthumous boner when he heard of that casting!  The film was made by the creators of some amazing documentaries, including one of my all-time favorites, Paragraph 175.

This film covers Ginsberg's obscenity trial for his poem "Howl" and switched between the trial, some sexy animation and James Franco smoking and reading and falling in love.  Now if it takes one sedative to sit and read beat poetry, it takes four sedatives to sit and watch it.  Particularly because Ginsberg isn't shown as personally possessing even the slightest mad fire of his poetry.  He never has any psychotic episodes or ever gets dragged off the roof waving genitals and manuscripts, for example. 

There's another thing about writers.  Often, a wild extrovert on the page is a meek introvert in person. You've got to get the writer who is a performer.  So if you're gonna give me a film about an obscenity trial, make it Mae West's!  Oh, damn.  I'm getting splinters in my woodpile just thinkin' about it...

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The Blackout Blog said...

I left the hotel on foot last night to find something to eat in West Hollywood and everything was closed at midnight.

Hands down: the worst thing about the West Coast!