Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I wish I were a little retarded

I also wish the subjunctive would come back into fashion, but what can you do?  My mother always loved the idea of a retarded child.  She'd see a Downs Syndrome kid and say, "Jesse one day, if you ever have a Downs Syndrome child and don't want it....give it to me to raise!"

Mentally handicapped are loving and trusting and so perpetually innocent, that once I came out of the closet I wasn't sure if my furious mother wanted me to have a retarded child or to BE retarded. Until recently, I resented this suspicion of mine - that my mom might not want me to think, evaluate, or decide for myself-- but recently the idea is growing on me.  How beautiful would life be if you could enjoy existence, sun on your face, unencumbered with the greater knowledge of what is actually going on?

How horrific is it knowing it's you and I with our habits and with our taxes are actually funding it all!? I read the Rolling Stone article which got McChrystal, the general in Afghanistan, fired. He comes across as a total frat boy douche who probably never left the USA except to go blow something up.  Read that article, or the one about the unstopped oil gushing into the gulf that, coupled with the sun, appears to be cooking seabirds alive. 

It's the conscience-free humans who always seem to get ahead -- the war-hawks and oil kings, the guy who answers his phone in the crowded elevator, or in the cinema while the movie is playing; people who are wicked to waiters and secretaries and day laborers.  How do we participate in creating a world where life is soooo valuable that a double cheeseburger at McDonald's will cost one dollar, and a veggie burrito will cost five? 

Because when we don't want to acknowledge and we don't stop any or all of the above; when we manage to go on with our daily lives and ignore or put up with it, then we are no doubt complicit. 
So some days I'd rather just be retarded.

I mention this to my friend Calen and he says, "You know how you gotta view it?  Like a dinosaur looking up to see the asteroid hit, and shrugging." 

The dinosaur goes back to grazing. And the air smells like meth, judgment and mass extinction.

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Yeah, my son Thomas (see Lastwear link to the right) sees it the same way.

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