Friday, July 02, 2010

Gay Pride All-Nighter!

Gay Pride went on nearly as long as my birthday which, thanks to my friends and amazing New York party promoters like Chris Ryan and Josh Wood who have kept me and my closest liquored up all week! Thank you!

Once again, Heritage of Pride pulled off an incredible Pier Dance.  After the march, we washed off Myra Mains and friends...and headed to an extra packed pier.  
The pier was extra packed this year because ten feet fell off into the Hudson a few months back.  The contractors brought to certify the pier said yet another 40 feet couldn't be used as dance space (bring it on!  If I fell into the pier with all those queens that would make my LIFE) so the dance floor space was a quashed up affair.  Not that I minded.

Early on.  With Bam Bam paying attention as usual.  
 My buddy Christopher and his hard hat boyfriend
 Gary, Lawrence and friends..penned up in the homosexual exhibit.
Baby on Board.  Pregnant lady at the Pier Dance brought some mammal realness!

With Cooldan and Travis
The medal around my neck was a HUGE hit.  I highly recommend wearing a non-descript #1 Medal at any opportunity.  When they asked about it (and everyone will) simply say, "I swept the cocksucking competition in '09 and I'm back to defend my titles."  Then try adding something like, "I'm taking on any challengers in that-there port-a-potty..."

I made a lot of new friends with that line...the most memorable being Graham and his friend Jay who were visiting from Vancouver.  I have no photos of them (they politely declined photographic evidence), but Graham popped some little pink pill into my mouth and said, "It's prescription!"

After swallowing (trustworthy thing that I am) I asked what it was?  Graham said, "The fastest acting narcotic in the PAM family".   Diazepam family?  His PAM family line killed me.  And fastest acting?  It's the little narcotic that could!!! 

Shortly after that I get a text from one of my oldest friends, original fag hag AUDREY, who lives in LA.  She asked where I was and I text back, "I'm at this thing called Pier Dance".

Two seconds later she writes "That's funny, because I'm in the VIP section!"  Leave it to my ol' girl Audrey to poof! surprise appear in the VIP section of the gayest party on the planet:

Seeing Audrey was almost as amazing as falling off into the pier.  Together would be perfect, given her capacious bosom that holds her cell phone, credit cards, business cards, and can be used as a flotation device in a pinch.

But then (oh no she didn't!) Audrey had to go and eat a turkey sandwich which made all of us want to puke.  Who eats at a circuit party?  NOT approved by the PAM family!  My "gag" pose was supposed to be a pose but actually turned into a wretch for real!!!

 Out of nowhere, Carol Channing appeared on the balcony with an incredible tan.
Carol turned out to be the equally fabulous Miss Cherry Grove.

I told these boys they could take off their sunglasses at night, but they resisted.  I pulled out my camera saying, "We'll see how you feel about that look on Facebook tomorrow!"
The last time I saw Ross (glasses) he was dancing with a guy in a wheelchair at Sydney's Mardi Gras.  
During the fireworks, Dan always puts me on his shoulders and sings Happy Birthday!!!
You know the iphone hook-up application GRINDR went HAYWIRE on the dance floor.  "He's two feet away, he's one foot away, they're all inside me!!!"
Vancouver boys Graham and Jay had won a "NY Pride Package" on and were ready to make the most of their time in the city that never sleeps.  Bam Bam headed home to crash, but Graham invited Cooldan, Travis, and I to the after-party at Alegria!  
The best part is, he took us there through the lights of Times Square in a horse-drawn carriage!! That's one entrance I will never forget.  How can I ever make it up to them?
He even sprung for us all to get a MASSAGE.  And buy strapping Russian SASHA, no less!
 I lost everybody.  Everybody!  But then my girlfriend Devan showed up at 5 am looking fierce!
She brought the party to a whole new level, just when I needed some good female energy!
 And we met this super fun kid, Alan. 
Caught this perky porn star riding the rails....
So Devan gave it a whirl.
Now that is a party dress!!  I was really proud of this shot I took of Devan in the Ladies' room.  Notice that it doubles as a Mens' room at the gay parties.  Why should only ladies enjoy purty pink and vanity mirrors at every sink?
Even devilishly beautiful gay boys are powerless against a pretty girl.  I asked Devan to go strip off this stud's pants. 
The Haggle: 
and the SALE!
Bumped into our pal Javier. 
This was after Devan dug into her purse and put her lipstick on Alan and me.  I headed home to Bam at 10 am with red lipstick on, riding the subway with the morning commuters.  Glam!!  And incontestable proof once again that one night out in New York can be more like a life-span.


ejaz14357 said...

Jesse On The Brink is not bed.

GloBoy said...

Lets do it again!
I wanna do it again!

-graham from Vancouver

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