Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fire Island Invasion 2010 Photos

Cooldan and I made it out to Fire Island for July 4. He has yet to make it back!
We did our annual 4th of July Survivor Weekend - but thanks to our pal Travis we didn't sleep under the boardwalk this year!

For the annual Fire Island Drag Queen invasion we headed over to Cherry Grove (through the mythical Meat Rack) to catch all the girls getting ready to pack the hull and cast off!

Hallelujah!  It's raining men!
Sheweed washed ashore!!
Aquarific!  This bathing beauty sure does sparkle!
Is that a HO in your pocket are you just happy to see me?  She promised a rose garden, and delivered!

Dawn Dishsoap!  Disperse gently into the Gulf.

Go Green!
Peek-a-Boo!  Fashion shouldn't cost a lot.  Pick up a Leveler Blind, Scarlett, and call it a day! 
Grisabella is ready for her RETURN! 
Redundant?  A Wendy Williams drag queen!
I had to ask what the hell was going on here.  I'm sorry I didn't recognize the doll as Princess Leia. Here is  "Jabba the HUT"!  In Margaritaville?
Servin' it up -  A most popular dish: The Deli-Contessas
Mad about the Mollusk!
It's Tsunami Debris!
Gulf clean-up sure knows how to hoover! 
It's Yabba-Dabba Doo Time!
The luscious cherry, Miss Grove!
Major props to the sea princess who road in on her own seahorse.  Unbelievable!
She pulled EVERYTHING out of the drag box and, yes, MADE IT WORK!
Lesbian drag!
Pansy.  She (and her wicked tongue) runs the whole show. 
My favorite drag queen last year was wearing a tutu with a third false leg in plie.  You actually couldn't tell which legs were hers it was so genius.  So I went around asking, "Where's the 3-legged Ballerina?" until someone answered, "She's a lobster this year." I should have known better than to figure she'd recycle an outfit. 

Slap some butter on THIS! 
Diamonds are a crustaceans best friend!  Miss Coco rocks our Independence Day!!

With this sizzling outfit, Miss Coco threw the competition in a pot and boiled it! 

We raced back through the hot sands to the Pines Harbor in time to catch the actual "invasion"!

We got harbor-side seats!  Cooldan, Ethan, Jesse, Bam Bam, Anita
This pretty girl decked me out with some eyeliner.
We ended in the harbor ourselves for a hot second.  Cooldan shocked to see his suit is off.
The girls sail on in to the packed harbor.  The most vibrant, colorful, jubilant thing you may ever witness in your life!  Goosebumps every year!

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The Blackout Blog said...

Did my first Invasion this year. I think I'm gonna take a cue from you this time and start out in Cherry Grove.