Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seattle Sizzle!

Landed in Seattle with Casper just after a fresh rain and our hotel has a fire going in the lobby.  June 10th in Seattle!  Actually the weather is perfect and the SIFF festival has been amazing as well as the two screenings of Violet Tendencies.

I haven't fully recovered from the all-nighter I pulled before the trans- continental flight from Newark.  All-nighters are kind of the only way to be up at 5 am for a 7 am flight.  Casper says there is one other option called going to bed early, but that's really the nuclear option isn't it?

I've been really excited about coming to Seattle because there are a few people I've been corresponding with for quite some time that I was finally going to meet in person!  Auntie M (with her dandy, dapper husband BJ and step-daughter Lyssa), Steve, Sizzlene (with "Sofonda Moolah"!) and Shawn--so awesome to meet you!  Also a couple friends who I went to high school with made it to the screening, Papillong and Michael.  Go Beavers!
Auntie M, fresh off the dance floor

The after party at REbar was a riot--and I overheard the most Seattle hook-up ever:
Guy 1: Do you go hiking?
Guy 2: Not as much as I'd like to.
Guy 1: I could take you up Tiger Mountain.

I think they hit the Tiger Mountain trail right away! 

"Sizzlene" was the belle of the ball or in her words, "Little Orphan Tranny"
Sizz claims to be the only Bear Drag Queen.  She flexed for the camera and told about how she likes to go to the leather bar Cuffs dressed like this and while there she lifts men over her head and walks them down the bar's Dog Run!

Seattle's sweetest couple Steve and Sizz!!

This is my friend Greg, giving you "Blue Steel"
Greg went to my RIVAL high school.  Since Beaverton was already taken, he went to "Sunset" high school, because suburbia really is that colorful.  The other one is "Aloha High School", which is a really good justification for the 15 mai-tais you drink a day if you live there.

Greg introduced me to his friends and I found the most amazing way to get free drinks: Blackmail!  I told all about the scandalous time back in high school where Greg and his marketing class went to New York City and in the hotel room you wouldn't believe this point I interrupted the story and told Greg I would not finish it if he bought me a shot of Jagermeister.  He bought me a double, baby!!

After the after-party, Sizz got a free ride in a taxi because the cabbie fell in love.  "All the cabbies love Sizz!" she cooed, after she got a) his phone number in case she ever needed "company" and b) a free ride for all of us.  Sizz needs her own reality show!

Casper & Sizz
At some point in the night, realizing nobody was offering to hike me up Tiger Mountain, I ended up crawling under a pool table.  That's usually the point in the night where Bam Bam leaves me for dead and goes home.  After that all-nighter in NYC and one night with Sizz in Seattle, I could hardly figure out how to tie my shoes this morning.


Auntie M said...

Gosh, I haven't actually been on a dance floor in a long, long time.
It was great to meet you. BJ definitely wants to participate in any future events. Lyssa had a blast as well. Take a look at the kids' clothing at Lastwear on Facebook. They are both fabulous models as well.
I was wondering how many other actors besides you appeared in more than one film on the SIFF roster. :)

Jesse Archer said...

I love her stuff!! I made Lastwear a "favorite" on my Jesse Archer page. Hard to categorize it, just all so original and amazing.