Saturday, June 26, 2010

Proud MEAT

Happy Gay Pride!  This is NEW YORK -- concrete jungle where dreams are made of, the lights will inspire you, there's nothing you can't do....except get gay married!  Michael Musto has truly outdone himself with this week's La Dolce Musto.  I agree with everything he touches on from thin skins to drag queens.  It should be the gay bill of rights.  Someone better be sculpting his bust for the gay hall of fame!

In other PRIDEFUL news, a huge congratulations to artist Paul Richmond, who's incredible collection "Cheesecake: Accidental Exhibitionism" opened in Chicago to great acclaim!  I'm honored to be hung!  And alongside gay celebrities Jack Mackenroth, Ari Gold, Mike Ruiz, Michael Breyette, Del Shores, Alec Mapa, James St. James, Perez Hilton and more!

"In Hot Pursuit, starring Jesse Archer"
"Size Matters, Starring Jack Mackenroth"

If you're in Chicago, you can still catch the whole Pin-Up she-bang at the Center on Halsted! 

Two nights ago, I hit Tribeca Cinemas for the sold out New York City premiere of my pal Pierre Stefanos' moving and hopeful "Bedfellows".  The audience loved it! 
As always on my malfunctioning blog, click the bottom right of the video to see full screen on Youtube.

With film festival season in full swing, there are a few features I can't wait to catch: Israel Luna's Ticked Off Trannies With Knives, and Lawrence Ferber's Bear City being at the top of my list.  Next month, I'll be heading to Los Angeles and Philadelphia with Violet Tendencies.  We had our New York premiere at closing night of Newfest a couple weeks ago.  It was a thrill to see the film with much of our amazing cast in attendance.
Cast Photo by WilsonModels
 Dennis Hearn, Sam Whitten, Andrea Cirie, Margret Echeverria

Me and Casper Andreas

With Kim Allen.  She is sooooo damn funny in the film.  And she let me motorboat her boobs at the after-party.  Love this girl! 
Oh, and as if by design, the Empire State Building this weekend will be lit up VIOLET this weekend for Pride!  Plus have you seen the top of that building in Union Square---lit up in a rotating rainbow?

Casper is now in Tel Aviv with our film.  Apparently the biggest laugh they got was the actor with one line as a Hasidic Jew out with a young hustler.  This was inspired (as everything is inspired by truth) by a Hasidic Jew I've seen on a number of occasions breeze through the smarmiest of East Village gay bars in his hat and curlycue sideburns.

My friend Sharon told me yesterday that "Pussy" in Yiddish translates to "Meat of Shame".  I am not kidding!!  Isn't it striking how repressive religions all uglify, obfuscate, and shame women?  We need not even go into Muslim women in birka's, but have you seen what Hasidic Jewish women have to wear?  Head over to Williamsburg, or shopping uptown at Lord & Taylor and make no mistake: You will never be sexually attracted to these women.  You almost wish a birka upon them when you see these women sporting the world's most laughably hideous WIGS.  Just because they were born with the meat of shame (and maybe to keep them from smoking, that shit looks flammable!)

In honor of all the men and women who reject anything shameful about any meat they were born with, I'm off today to volunteer for "Rapture on the River" - the lesbian PRIDE party on the pier.  Time to show the ladies some LOVE!


takingaction said...

Hi Jesse, I'm the composer of Bedfellows and appreciate your mentioning of the film!

Here's a quick YouTube fix for you:

In the YouTube code you pasted in you'll see two instances of width and height. Currently they are 640 and 385. Just change the two 640 values to 400 and the two 385 values to 240 and it should fit perfectly!



Jesse Archer said...

Hi Ron,

Thanks so much--it worked!!

Congrats on the amazing score :)