Sunday, June 20, 2010

Miss Vera's Finishing School...

...For Boys Who Want to Be Girls!  I shot a super fun promo piece for OURsceneTV this weekend at the world's only Cross-Dressing Academy.  The amazing Miss Vera's students are men (and the odd woman) who identify as straight, gay, or transgender...but they all have in common the desperate desire to Chercher La Femme!

A professional "Fantasy Facilitator", Miss Vera is an author and activist who took one look at my face and exclaimed, "We like a challenge." She got to right work with the help of two of her talented Deans:  Lynn, "Dean of Cosmetology" and Shannon, "Dean of Do's".

Her Academy hosts an array of enrollment options to choose from, and I took the "Sudden Beauty" treatment (not so sudden, it turned out) and then had to make the tough decision between electives: sexy vamp, whorish slut, conservative librarian, mommy's little girl, sophisticated career woman, young wife, model, sissy maid?

Duh!  I immediately gravitated to whorish slut, but decided to mix it up and try a sophisticated career woman.  As for my Femme name, I told Miss Vera I wanted something pioneer and stoic, a name which meant I boil chicken's feet for dinner and use a whip on my children.  We debated: Ermaline, Greta, Maude, but then it finally hit: Mildred.  Mildred Fierce.

"Now take off your clothes," urged Miss Vera and I smashed my balls up into a gaffe (the alternative, she explained, was to mash them up inside myself -- a trick which, because I love to chercher la femme, requires too much vrai homme).  It was my first time (I don't say that a lot!) wearing a gaffe, padded HIPS, a corset, breastssssss.   I can't wait to see whole process in the filmed piece once it hits OURscene as part of their NYC Pride coverage!

Every sophisticated career girl needs a hot man to pull up her stockings!  
Above is OURscene's resident hottie/producer/presenter Matt Maggiacomo.  Below, to the blare of car horns and stalled traffic, Miss Vera unleashes her harlot high powered career girl upon 8th avenue.  Mildred takes Manhattan! 

If YOU (or someone you love!) require the fabulous services of Miss Vera and her Deans...check out the classes, modeling opportunities, casting call, and scholarships on her website You can spend hours on this site.  Girl, it just keeps on giving!

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Tony said...


What a set of boobs on that Mildred!
And you can even see her left nipple thru the blouse.
But we know how her alter ego loves to display his nipples too ...