Friday, June 04, 2010

It's all bigger in Texas!

You have to love a place where the first thing out of the waiter's mouth is, "Can I get you some sweet tea or a Dr. Pepper?"  Yes, you may!  Honey, I'm a pepper!  I drink Dr. Pepper and I'm proud.  I'm part of an original crowd....yes, I'm a product of snappy television jingles!!

I'm down in Fort Worth, lovingly known as Cowtown, being treated amazing by the fabulous folks in charge of  Q Cinema.  This festival just gets better with age and they brought me down once agaion, this time for the Texas premiere of Violet Tendencies.  The screening went amazing and the after party at Rainbow Lounge was filled with drag queens including her magesty Miss Jessica Paige-Jennings and presided over by Rupaul's drag race alumni Mystique. 

Much like Mystique, everything's bigger here in Texas!  I love how on the menu, the salads are referred to as "Rabbit Food" with the disainful follow up, "As close as we get to healthy" and then the salad I ordered came with (I kid you not) a heaping of FRITOS on top!  I've also had deep-fried pickles (!) and a sandwich that was so big I couldn't open my mouth wide enough.

I got the giggles right there remembering an episode from a few months back-- out to dinner with my ex-boyfriend Zane and his sister and their mother.  Bam was there too, meeting them for the first time.  When my order was a gigantic sandwich....Zane's sister watches me attempt to open my jaw wide enough to eat it and blurts out, "You know you never had to open that wide when you were with my brother!" Oh yes she did!  Right in front of her brother and her mother and Bam and you KNOW I discovered (I should have always known) she is my soul sister!  Now I babysit her kids.  Go figure.

Fort Worth's Rainbow Lounge, where the after-party was held, was the site of last year's terrifying police raid on the Rainbow Lounge where patrons were arrested, abused, injured, and suffered some serious indignities.  All of that shockingly happened on the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots!  Everyone around the nation was thinking, what the hell shenanigans are going down in Cowtown?! 

I'm happy to report that thanks to the community fighting back (Q Cinema festival organizer Todd Camp leading the pack), =changes have been made, apologies issued, and police chief Jeff Halstead said he would do everything he could to repair relations with the gay community.  Not only did he appoint a GLBT police liason, but chief Halstead and his lovely wife Kim both attended the opening night premiere of Violet Tendencies!  They watched the whole film, said they loved it, and offered to give me a tour next time I'm in town.  Way to go, Chief! 

Horsin' around with festival star Kyle
Miss Q Cinema, Jessica, and her makeup diva Faith
Mystique Summers Madison looking hot!  Though she did refuse to do her famous splits...
At the Rainbow Lounge after-party, I got a complimentary lap dance.  Southern hospitality, indeed!


carmel said...

If you like that jingle maybe you should get that guy's disco album!

He also was in American Werewolf in London. Maybe you could put him in your next movie!

Auntie M said...

You do know that Dr. Pepper jingle was written by Barry Manilow, don't you? :D

Anonymous said...

Not to be a bitch, but a true Texan knows there is no period in Dr Pepper. :)

Jesse Archer said...

Dear Anonymous,
My bad!!