Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gay Pride March New York 2010

The "Mary Mourners" took to the streets to honor our wonderful friend, Anthony Valente, who died suddenly this past January.  Here are some photos of ourefforts.  It meant a lot for us to do something fabulous in his memory.We think he would have loved it.

Here's a selection of the paula bearers...

Cooldan is Stiffany ("I think we're alone now")
Dee Composed
Gloom and Doom
Miss Pearl E. Gates
My fabulous makeup artist Harrison
He created MYRA MAINS!  My first time with DIVINE-esque eyebrows...
Daisy Pusha
Here is Daisy Pusha swatting Myra Mains
Reason for the Season: our dear departed friend Anthony Valente
Our Media Man Derek Coffer!
Miss Lotta Blues
Anita Plot
Bam Bam is Lavinia Hearse
On the roof with Rhoda Will and Dee Composed
Liza Topahim and Stiffany
Chad master-makeup artist#2
Myra Mains and Stiffany work the pole.
Mary Mourners all together now
Stiffany gives Anthony some L*O*V*E
Myra naviates a five floor walk-up. 
These boots are the reason my feet are still bloody! 
We hit Fifth Avenue and infiltrated the parade....
Liza (above, right) is 3 months pregnant---Pregnancy is a CABARET, my friend!  Below, With two of my favorite funny-men: Bruce Vilanch and Frank DeCaro
We all managed to survive. Lavinia, in her purple "Pleaser" pumps, exclaimed at the finish line, "Ten toes, ten toenails!" because usually they fall off in pools of blood.

At the end of the march, we shared an emotional moment meeting up with Anthony's former boyfriend, Xavier.  We love him and were honored he could be a part of our tribute to an amazing man who left us way too soon....

I'll be posting more NY Pride coverage from the Pier Dance, OURsceneTV, and Alegria very soon! 

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Tony said...

Dear Myra -

You (and all the other "Mary Mourners") looked absolutely FABULOUS. And check out that babe Lavinia Hearse!
Looking forward to your further reports.