Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coney Island Mermaid Parade & Photos 2010

Coney Island is always good for some old fashioned fun.  Check out the annual Mermaid Parade!
Bam Bam gave me a lecture that morning.  He said that at this point in his life he thought he should have three houses and floor to ceiling windows and it's all my fault we don't.  I told him I'd work harder, longer, stronger so we can have all that.  An hour later I was on the Tilt-a-Whirl with Cooldan.

The newly christened Luna Park ("are you a LUNA-tic?") hearkens back to Coney Island's heyday, but don't be fooled.  The rides are all for amateurs.  Nothing comes close to the neck-wrenching, rickety, still-running relic of Astroland's Cyclone roller coaster

I'm proud to report that the "Shoot the Freak" attraction is still there, where you can shoot moving HUMAN targets.  I love this one.
I'm pretty good at it, too.  And to further prove there is nothing PC about Coney Island....those are minority men of color running around as the targeted "freaks".  Call the ACLU!

We hit the beach with every last kid in Brooklyn. 
Cooldan and I were fasting at the time, which was really difficult when passing mermaids devouring Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs.   
The route along Surf Avenue is way too crowded (see above: couldn't even get a Nathan's if we WERE allowed!) The Mermaid Parade is always amazing, it's an organic; ahome-grown slapdash affair.  If I had to describe it succinctly: tubby mermaids wriggling in fins on the back of a flatbed truck.  In other words, must-see.

This year was all about oil slick mutant mermaids and mermaids rising up against the BP oil gushing in the gulf. This gave many a mermaid the excuse to skimp on her costume.  Slather some grease over that clam-shell bra and call it a day.  We hit the Boardwalk where the parade peters out and the aquatic life blends back into the crowds.  

For a bit of nostalgia, the Flea Circus
Give Mr. Anemone a hand!
HAWT boy
HAWT girl!

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