Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Why is it raining in Seattle?  How is it I'm up so early?  Did I go to bed?  Don't ever do stock footage!!
Someone found me on the Human Resources packet for an AMA conference.  This is irony personified. 


Auntie M said...

Why is it raining in Seattle?

Don't worry, it will stop. See you tonight.


Casper said...

JESSE! I don't know why you are up already. Or if you went to bed. I suspect you did not. See you at the first interview thingie at 11AM. Look your best :)

Jesse Archer said...

Casper, this was written yesterday before our crack-of-dawn flight, but it may as well have been last night in Seattle...when did you leave? What day is it?

Auntie M, I LOVVVVED meeting you and BJ and Lisa and your twin Smart cars. Thanks for your support. Redux, soon!

Steve said...

Juicy, GOD you're so adorable! Loved when you crawled under the pool table! No, REALLY!!!!

Can't wait to party with you again tonight. Sun is shining, right now. Hope you're seeing it before having to be inside. See you after dinner. Love to Bam! Hugs for Casper!