Monday, June 21, 2010

Broadway Bares Strip-O-Poly!

The sexiest thing on any stage anywhere, Broadway Bares, sprung back for its 20th annual ONE NIGHT ONLY affair.  It's very New York, something you absolutely have to see to believe -a smattering of over 200 of the best talent, bodies and flair....and all for charity!

At the end of the midnight show, they were on the verge of raising 1 MILLION dollars for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS!  Started by creator Jerry Mitchell, this year was directed by Josh Rhodes and the theme was "Strip-Opoly" a clothes-defying spoof on Monopoly.  Man were there some hot properties! 

Broadway Bares let's it all hang out, and maybe a one-night a year show is the only place in the USA where you can toss PC to the devil and take off your clothes, show two men making out (take that, La Cage), or make bawdy quips that would make Mae West blush.  Daancers dressed as player pieces from the game began the show.  The little silver dog, the iron, the thimble, and then host Euan Morton came to "Poor Miss Wheelbarrow.  She's a wheelbarrow!" He pauses. "She can carry all your loads!"

It all just makes me want to open up a bar with a little stage and host a cabaret.  It's also the kind of show that makes you think: I'm old and fat and I wasted the chance I could have had to be an amazing beautiful dancer and involve myself in something spectacular! 

Vanessa Williams and Kristin Chenowith star in the opening, "The Best Game in Town".  Indeed!

Just...oh my gold!
Reichen Lehmkuhl (ain't he lovely?) and Lucy Liu

Oriental Avenue.  Confucius say: Unbelievable.
"Boardwalk" - Jersey Shore comes out to play.  "This is the situation!"

And here's an even better situation. 
"Waterworks" -- huge piss-positive hit of the evening with a dreamboat star (who is he? Dayum)
Blurry because I'm running up to touch and tip in the "rotation"!!!

For a full re-cap and much closer up photos, head to Boy Culture!

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