Monday, May 03, 2010

*New* Fire Island interactive Summer Calendar!

I'm an entrepreneur---I also just learned how to spell that word!  CoolDan and I joined forces (JADE) to create this interactive calendar (and by interactive, we mean it in the old-fashioned camaraderie sense, not the new-fangled advertising internet definition).

We've got fabulous advertisers, snappy sayings, famous occasions and highlight special birthdays like Madonna and King Ludwig II.  We also provide an end of summer round up and winners circle (who will end up "Most likely to be jailed in Dubai", for example?)  See below how to get yourself a copy!

The season is swinging already out there, and the new owners (FIP Ventures) of Fire Island Pines are determined to bring you the best of the best without sacrificing anything in the way of community spirit.  Let the season begin...

Our spiral bound calendar (celebrating months May through September) is sold at Gostoso and Fresh Market in Fire Island Pines, and Rainbow Dreams in Cherry Grove!  Not near there?  Not to worry.
The illustrious cover

Just because you're not on Fire Island doesn't mean you can't have a piece of it.  You can even interact with your friends or play with yourself (if you prefer!) no matter where you live!

Here's a sneak peak at a couple of sample months:
Click to make bigger.  Thanks to our fantastic advertisers for jumping in bed on board with us! 
To get your very own copy, send a check for $20 (no shipping fees!) made out to:
Jesse Archer
151 First Avenue #205
NYC, NY. 10003

You may also send $20 via PayPal using the "make a donation" button on the right side of this blog (below the Twitter icon).  If you go this route, please send me an email once you've done it: (I don't check paypal often) along with your shipping address.  If you'd like, I'll personalize and sign it...and I can also forge Cooldan's name (he's left me to Lebanon for the time being)

This is the start of our creative collaboration and we appreciate your business.  Happy Summer!!

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