Thursday, May 27, 2010

Myra Mains...washing dishes in a gimp mask!

Our gay Pride theme this year is death.  Sexy death, of course.  Our friend Anthony died in January, and he always generously hosted our Pride prep in his salon, with his boyfriend Xavier.  Since he is gone, we chose to remember him and all the gays who have gone our festivities.  It's admittedly a bit macabre, marching down Fifth Avenue as the Merry Mourners in his honor.  That said, it's crazy enough for us to actually go through with it.  We think Anthony would have liked it.

For visuals from Prides Past, click the "gay pride" label below this post.  This year, the girls are already getting clever with their names.  So far we have Miss Paula Bearer, Miss Daisy Pusha, and Anita Plot.  CoolDan was originally Miss Faye Tal, but opted for Stiffany ("I think we're alone now").  Bam Bam will embody Miss Lavinia Hearse.  I was originally going with Miss Cass Kit, or perhaps Miss Rhoda Will...but then decided to ask my Facebook friends for some help.  Here's just a sampling of the genius they produced.


Pearl E. Gates
Prim Reaper
Bea Reaved
Zombea Arthur
Lotta Grief
Helena Handbasket
Formalda Hyde
Reanne Carnation
Eula Gee
Myra Mains

For the record, whatever you need----ask for it in your status update!  I think I'm going with Myra Mains have to say it out loud.  Still, look at all those great names going to waste!!

I've left the costume up to my friend Harrison.  He's one of those guys who is just majorly talented at everything creative: haircutting, styling, fashion, wigs, art. Hate him!! Just kidding, I love him and I trust him implicitly.  Even when he sends me this urgent email and says I have to buy it:

I open my email from E-bay:

Suddenly I find myself shelling out $50 bucks for a black mystery latex fetish ski mask.  As I do, I crack up and think: I LOVE MY LIFE!  I never thought being an adult could be so much damn fun. 

I believe Harrison will be cutting out the face and adding a wig somehow because I was also instructed to buy a red (as!) wig.  Not quite sure what to expect, but I foresee Thierry Mugler meets Lady Gaga in the funeral dungeon.

The mask arrived yesterday so I texted Harrison.  He texts back, "Don't play with the hair and mask, I know u!  I should get it so I can work on them."

He does know me, because when I get his text not to play, Myra Mains is washing dishes in a black mystery fetish ski mask...

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