Friday, May 28, 2010

Maybe we should lie a lot more?

Hit up Hartford for the premiere of Violet Tendencies.  I was treated to amazing hospitality by the fine folk up in Connecticut.  It was my first time to Hartford.

The screening was on the absolutely stunning campus of Trinity College, and the capitol building was impressive.  Otherwise there's not a ton going one!  Apparently, it was once a huge hub of business (and still the hub of insurance companies like Aetna---how does Hartford feels about Obama-Care?!)

Besides that I saw some run-down residential buildings sporting signs like this:

It was great see Violet Tendencies with an audience.  They laughed in all the right places!  I had a blast meeting great people and am glad the film is out in the world.  This weekend Mindy Cohn is hosting the premiere in Honolulu, and Casper Andreas is near Bermuda hosting a screening on the "Pride of the Ocean" luxury liner!  Where's my tropics?  Next week I'll be in Ft. Worth, Texas, and then Seattle.

In Hartford, I met the mother (and also the aunt) of hottie Alex Quiroga, who plays the guy who kicks my character out of bed.  When he came on-screen, his mother and aunt screamed for him.  Said Alex later when I told him of my envy: "I'm pretty lucky in the family department."  I should say so!

Also in Hartford is the Mark Twain House.  Twain is one of my heroes and I was lucky enough to get a tour by the very knowledgeable guide Matthew.  Did you know Twain had red hair?  It was amazing to see the desk where he wrote his most famous works, including much of Huckleberry Finn.  Have you read that one recently?  It's amazingly current and laugh-out-loud funny, and I'm not sure who says it's racist but it's exactly the opposite.

Some Twain quotes I caught in the museum:

"Travel is fatal to Prejudice" --

I agree, with 2 exceptions:
1) when one travels to make war.
2) when one travels to evangelize.

"Man is the only animal who blushes, or needs to." 

Don't you think man ought to blush a lot more!? 

"Only tell the truth to one who is worthy of it." 

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