Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am all over the place! (Bear with me)

BEAUTIFUL!  There's always that time of year, okay FOUR times a year in NY where one day you realize: It's SPRINGTIME!  Or the dreaded, it's WINTER.  Yesterday for me was SUMMER....I ran along the east river and back through Tomkins Square Park which is my neighborhood park and will forever epitomize my New York experience.  I just love that place, its elms and grass...its "Temperance Fountain"!!  Yesterday, all the neighborhood was out with their dogs at the dog run, lying on the grass, squirting each other with super-soakers.

Summer has arrived and it makes me wonder: Would I realize the beauty of yesterday had I not gone through a long hard cold dark blizzard-filled winter?  Do the seasons make us actually appreciate more the good times?  Or is that masochistic, like a battered wife proud because he hasn't hit her this week?  It also makes me wonder: How did I grow up in Oregon?  Not seeing the SUN for months at a stretch takes a serious toll on your psyche!  But what if we lived in a place where it was sunny all the time?

The tropics are synonymous with paradise, but would we appreciate it after a while?  To paraphrase an a movie whose title now escapes me.... (ok, roll your eyes and say this scoffingly, and as sarcastically as possible): "Another beautiful day in Africa..."

More importantly, if I lived in the tropics---would I do anything?  There is some serious laziness going on around the equator.  Understandably.  Why toil when it's so nice out?  Wait, why do any of us toil at all?  When we get more, we only WANT more.  Maybe those tropical folks have it all figured out.  The Pet Shop Boys chime in on with their latest "Love, ETC."

Too much of anything
Is never enough
Too much of everything
Is never enough

You need more You need more You need more
You need more You need more You need more

Which brings me (am I tracking?) to the oil gushing into the gulf of Mexico.  It's common knowledge (to those of us who admit it) that we won't truly search for a fuel alternative until every last damn drop of black oil is raped out of the earths core.  There's just too much money to be had.  The impenetrable greed of man that allows such a gush (this is no spill.  A glass of milk gets spilled.  This is an ongoing GUSH.  It hasn't stopped has it?) Nobody wants to think about it!  Like when I was in Zimbabwe and the people I stayed with didn't want to talk about their highest rate of inflation in the world or why sugar wasn't stocked on stores shelves (one day I'll tell you why).  In Argentina, they never want to talk about corruption because it is so insidious and so pervasive so...what are you gonna do?  You cache it away!

Here in the USA...who wants to think about Iraq and Afghanistan and soon Pakistan?  We did a couple marches, realized they weren't effective and, much like Argentina and Zimbabwe, we catalogue it as a fact of life we won't deal with or acknowledge.  So sorry to remind you...

The oil gush?  I heard that thus far all of the clean up and fees and fines are equal to approximately 4 days of BP's profit.  Yup!  If we can survive ourselves, I wonder when evolution will favor a species who cares just. a. little. bit. more?  What, teabagger???  You calling me a socialist??  Pilgrim, get a passport.

Not sure why, but I am doing a LOT of wondering today.  As they say in Rogers and Hammerstein's Carousel (which --has anyone else noticed?--is a terrible musical, thematically.  It basically condones domestic violence. He did it out of LOVE...!) Anyway, one of the song lyrics is: "What's the use of wondering?" Stop thinking!  Detach.  Let's make jokes!  I saw the funniest film the other day---I must be on the brink because it got bad reviews!---"CHOKE".  It's about this sex addict whose day job is at an 18th century colonial fort.  So random, so lovely. 

In between visiting his dementia-addled mother at a home and being accused and accosted by zany old ladies (You touched my Woo-Woo!!) he meets a woman who wants him to fulfill her burglar/rape fantasy. This is the kind of film I want to write!  Genius! And I quote: "Don't rape me on the bed, rape me on the floor.  The comforter is made of silk and it spots easily." 

This makes me want to read the book it's based on: Choke, by Chuck Pahh...(looking this up) Did you mean: Chuck Palahniuk  yes, google, that's what I meant.  I want to read his book.  Did you know he's ALSO from Portland, Oregon?  I wonder if HE wonders if winter rain makes summer all the brighter?


Auntie M said...

Richard Feynmann, the famed physicist, wrote a poem that is one of two that I can actually remember...

I wonder why I wonder why.
I wonder why I wonder.
I wonder why I wonder why
I wonder why I wonder!

I guess it might be human nature.

Hoping to see you on June 9. I bought my tickets... :)

Chris said...

Hi Jessie! Its great your THINKING and not numbed out like much of the status quo. Yes, much to ponder on this Sunday afternoon. Thank you!


Daniel said...

The book is great... I think you'd likely enjoy his novel, Invisible Monsters, even moreso than Choke!

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks, all!! Auntie M...that's fantastic, I look forward to meeting you!!

brice said...

There's a passage from Mark Helprin's 'A Soldier of the Great War' that I love, and I'm paraphrasing: "the drama of a striking clock is impossible without the silence that is both its preface and epilogue, love is nothing without longing and loss, and were time not to have at its end the absence of time, and the absence of time not to have been preceded by time, neither would be of any consequence."