Sunday, May 09, 2010

Handy Man!

Been out on Fire Island helping a friend readay this giant home for the renters who are coming in next week.  I have new respect for migrant workers...and homeowners everywhere!  After spending hours upon hours with a can of pledge and a rag wiping down each of hundreds of wooden lever blinds, I've decided I'm definitely a curtains man.  Curtains forever!

Had a blast with a Dyson vacuum.  My favorite part was sucking up the spiders, earwigs, and bee yes... alive!!  Over the last week, I met a giant frog, slugs, and a really thick garter snake.  There's also raccoons out here, which I have yet to see.  And here I though the only wildlife on fire island were the tick-infested deers and the seasonal influx of pig bottoms!

Cleaning is tedious and menial, but it's almost like therapy.  Who needs a psychotherapist when you've got a can of pledge and thousands of blinds to keep your mind from worldy troubles?  Plus you learn things.  For example, I can spot poison ivy.  And did you know that gasoline spoils?  Or that if you toss treated wood into the fireplace you can get poisoned from the fumes?  Haven't verified that one yet.

1 comment:

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Glad you find cleaning therapeutic.
I haven't - the blinds at my house are filthy.
So bring your rag on down whenever you feel the need for another session - I'll supply the Pledge.