Monday, March 01, 2010

Totally Tracked Down!

A Canadian company took me out to LA for ONE NIGHT ONLY!  They're doing a reality show on television icons called Totally Tracked Down....and the host Marshall Kaplan (you guessed it!) tracks down television icons via the people in their lives.  They are out in LA profiling (among others) Charlene Tilton, Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley (did you know Squiggy has MS?) and none other than Mindy Cohn!  They wanted to talk with me about her in Violet Tendencies so I flew across the continent to sing her praises!

We had the interview at East/West Lounge in West Hollywood.  I've known the owner Trip for years, he is gorgeous and sweet and has a new Tequila bar in the back!!  Trip splits his time between WeHo and Guadalajara, Mexico, where he became entranced with Tequila. There are photos in his back bar of the whole process, from harvest through distillation, but did you know it comes from a spiky plant called Agave?  The fruit looks a bit like a pineapple, but maybe four times the size.  Trip showed me how to drink a real tequila (it's not just taking shots??) at his bar.   There we are sipping tequila and in between drinking this spicy red palate cleanser called sangrita.  Such an beautiful education! 

Next thing you know, I'm talking to a television crew about how everyone knew that the woman who inhabited Natalie Green on Facts of Life was a big friend of the gays.  Mindy was not only our perfect Violet, she was a trooper.  She once said she was just gonna "tuck and roll" into this production.  I think this is some military maneuver and she used it!  We had her diving into a staircase in central park, wrestling a co-worker onto a cement floor, and changing her wardrobe in the back of a van.  I also spoke about how Violet had to talk about her FUPA (Fat Upper Pussy Area) and that Mindy didn't know what a FUPA was and that Mindy definitely doesn't HAVE a FUPA herself. It's acting, people!!

Wish I could have seen Mindy out there, but she's in a play in Toronto.  In related news, we started a Facebook fan page for Violet Tendencies, so if you're on FB please "fan" it because I can't!  Facebook says I must "remove some friends" before I can friend or fan anything else.  I've been cut off!!  See what happens when you drink tequila??


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Looks like you're becoming a "bi" celebrity - as in bi-coastal, I hasten to add.

Chad said...

Jesse, you have to send Mindy the Wing clips!!! Florence Foster Jenkins was the Wing of her day!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse - thanks for the mention in your blog! Great meeting you! Looking forward to seeing you on my show and your flick buddy!

- Marshall