Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Party Party Party, three times party!

I have to agree with Next Magazine's assessment that Michael Musto's 25th anniversary of being the voice of the Village Voice last week (thrown by Chip Duckett) was the best party of the year (if not the decade!) Drag queens, burlesque babes, fashion icons and all the most garish and daring of downtown headed on uptown(ish) to tribute Mr. Musto's legend!

It was definitely a Who's Who of nightlife past and present.  Check out the best photo spread here at New York Social Diary.  I don't remember too much because I was busy following liquor trays, saying hello to friends, laughing at the snuggies they gave out for the rooftop and harrassing stars like radio personality Derek Hartley.  Hey, he said I did it "in a welcome way".  I also love how he described in his blog the unbelievable views from the double decker penthouse:

The Empire State Building loomed before us, towering over the center of midtown like a beautiful middle finger telling the rest of the world to fuck off. But you know, in a really glittering and spectacular way. To the side was my beloved Chrysler building, a fabulous gay pinkie jutting out for spite.

Michael Urie and Joan Rivers hosted.  On Musto's 50th anniversary Joan Rivers will probably host again only this time she will be broadcasting from that fabulous gay pinkie, having turned into the hologram of Obi Wan Kenobi. 

Though nothing can compare to that, for the Oscars on Sunday I hosted a party with Linda Simpson and Joe Mode benefitting Out in TV & Film and the Ali Forney center.  Why did they leave out Bea Arthur and Farrah Fawcett in the tribute section?  If they didn't do enough film work, why was Michael Jackson included?  In my opinion, they should make the tribute section much longer and cut down on everything else. I want to hear Kathryn Grayson sing a note once more,  to watch Jennifer Jones talk about how Love is a Many Splendored Thing; to see Bea Arthur rise up from the bathtub as Vera in the musical version of Mame! 

As for this year's films...Crazy Heart?  About a washed up country singer?  It sounds like a remake of Crimes of the Heart and it took me 3 sittings to get through that slow simmer.  Which of you have seen Hurt Locker?  I don't usually watch war movies, especially not an Iraq war movies, but my friend Matt's cousin Jeremy Renner was up for the Best Actor Oscar.  Two degrees of separation!  It's on the Netflix queue.

Gay Life NYC was on hand at VIG 27 lounge to capture some of the Oscar bash action and caught up with me about my Violet Tendencies.  You can tell Mike is feeling loosy goosy on camera, and at one point in the night he felt good enough to ask lesbian idol Jenny Shimizu about having sex with Angelina Jolie.  "What the hell is this?!" she said and stalked out of the interview.   She must be protecting Brad Pitt's honor (?)  Jenny didn't make this clip, but maybe I can get it.


elisa said...

Good spotlight for the movie Jesse, but the still they chose for the video didn't make you justice ;-) Elisa

Bob Frank said...

I didn't know Kathryn Grayson had died until I read it here! The roster of MGM musical stars is rapidly dwindling,

Jesse Archer said...

Hi guys. Yes, Bob, she died only a couple of weeks ago. I recently learned that Ricardo Montalban also died this year--and the Academy snubbed him, too, in the tributes. I don't get it, he was huge! Seems like they still play favorites, even posthumously!