Thursday, March 11, 2010

No escape

Last night I was a guest of the most exclusive property in the world---a safe secret harbor around the corner from Capetown, South Africa.  Everybody was amazed that I was let into this confine, but the wealthy owner wanted something from me.  I didn't have what he was looking for, but we began a game of hide and seek espionage that had me in subterranean meetings and racing through a series of tunnels beneath the property, something like the catacombs under Paris. 

In the waters off this stronghold, I'm aware of the growing problem of saltwater crocodiles who are now preying on dolphins.  Suddenly I'm in the water, watching a dolphin be savagely attacked and swallowed by one of these prehistoric monsters. I am terrified, but also aware that a dolphin is a big meal and I'm probably safe from the crocodile.  Shreds of dolphin flesh hang from my fingers like long strips of prosciutto and I can't seem to shake them off no matter how hard I try. 

Thankfully, I've got a propellor device that I engage from my back that lifts me up and away, speeding, rushing in a thrill ride toward the mountains.  I land down in a green valley surrounded by forests, but I am not safe.  Out of the trees a small man jumps out to battle me and I go to punch him--ka-POW!

I've hit the light on my nightstand and it crashes to the floor beside my bed along with several books.  

"What the hell??!" says Bam Bam beside me.  I tell him he's lucky I didn't swing his way or he'd have a broken nose.  At this point I also realize that in my dream I swung a punch with my right hand, when in waking life I am left handed. 

More importantly, these dreams seem to continue from night to night and I don't know why.  What's the correlation to waking life?  While I appreciate the adventure (I actually look forward to them), they leave me more tired than before I went to bed.  Does this happen to you?  I'm waking up exhausted!


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Whoa - that's some wild dreaming. Can't say I've had dreams that intense lately.
On the basis of my astral connection to Drs. Freud, Jung, and Nostradamus (actually an online dream dictionary) here's some advice:

Don't take the subway, don't go swimming with crocodiles without a helicopter, and don't order dolphin or prosciutto at the restaurant. You're clearly not eating enough vegetables. And please don't whack poor Bam.

Seriously, looks like you're anxious about something. According to the online site, the crocs represent some stealthy primal threat; the secrecy element can represent "a feeling that someone wants to gain control," and being chased represents "a fear of persecution, hostility or criticism from a person or people in general."

The dolphins represent magic and intuition; flying to the green valley represents freedom, joy and positive outcomes.

So focus on the dolphins and the green valley. And don't forget about all the people who want you to be happy.

Jesse Archer said...

Oh no, there is something stealth that is eating my magic?! I'm about to go to sleep, Tony!! Will focus on the dolphins (swimming faster) and the green valley (without marauders).
Thank you!!