Sunday, March 14, 2010

He Loves His Muscles

I write for the beefcake site Paragon Men एंड yesterday I went to the studio to interview a couple of the models (in their underwear, of course!) One of the models was a gigantic Angelo Garcia, who was once a member of Menudo!  He's a singer and also a body builder--those TRAPS.  I've never seen such TRAPS in my life.  He's like three times my width and all muscle and now publicly out.

For the record, Angelo did not have sex with fellow Menudo member Ricky Martin!  But did you know that Menudo was just young boys and basically when they turned 15, they kicked em out and found a new recruit?  Angelo said the Menudo team was like a parent to him, but acknowledged the rumors the group was headed by a bunch of pedophiles.

I also got to interview (will let you know when all this hits the adorable model Phil Fusco.  He is Paragon's Man of the Year--and has a huge following online.   People write him strange things like how they dream about what he smells like.  He's straight, and that Long Island accent!!  I love it.  Check out this video of him that has a quarter million hits :  "I love my muscles"!!!!

Phil's also really into the stock market, so we want to have him do a regular video segment where he sits in his underwear and gives you stock tips.  What shall we call it? 


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

What an idea to have Phil do an investment segment in his undies!
Makes it a challenge to find a name for the segment. Here are some ideas that are probably too weird, but here goes:

"Phil's Basket: Of Stock Market Tips and Pointers"

"Stock Market Muscle - Investment Tips from Phil"

"The Bare Essentials - Stock Market Tips from a (semi)-naked investor"

"Build Your Endowment - Excercise Your Stock Market Muscle with Phil."

Well, I've embarrassed myself enough, I think.
Let us know if it comes off, so to speak.


Bob Frank said...

I love Philip Fusco. He is one of the most physically beautiful men on the planet. plus he seems to have a sense of humor. And yes, that Long Island accent fits him to a "t".

Sean said...

The Stock "Situation"