Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From the Irish Curse to Power Tool

Have you ever heard of the Irish Curse?  Apparently Irishmen are known for having small dicks, or at least that's the premise of a new Off-Broadway play I caught the other night at the Soho Playhouse.  It's still in previews, but the play, written by Martin Casella, stars a wonderfully talented cast of actors who gather for in a church basement support group for men with their shortcomings.  The Irish?  Really?

From what I know it's Argentina with the prime beef and India where regular size condoms slip off during sex.  Generalities, in my experience, can often be trumped with a whopping contradiction which leads to my hard and fast rule about penis size: You can never accurately measure penis size until you place one firmly in your mouth.

I digress. The Irish Curse, however, does not.  Most importantly, its message is one of fellowship and how finding your tribe can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Speaking of fellowship, Bam Bam celebrated his birthday this past weekend and Cooldan threw him a surprise party.  Thanks, Dan!  It was a smashing success!!  More photos later, but here's one from my friend Scott.  That's Justin in yellow.  I'm in the middle somewhere being licked by a girl and bitten by a man.  
Where's Bam?

More pics later.  Including: On Sunday we headed up to Westchester for my friend Christine's wedding.  Congratulations!!  She certainly was a sparkling bride!!  Also, somehow I caught the garter.

Total switch of topics, but did you know there is a separate ward for gay prisoners in Los Angeles?  Have you ever been to gay prison?  Know someone who has?  Let's talk!!  I was contracted to write a screenplay about a prison romance with my friend Kohl.

This is going to be a blast!  As one friend said to me, "What are you going to do for research?  Watch the prison scenes from POWER TOOL?"  Ha!  What a great porno.  Jeff Stryker certainly doesn't have the Irish Curse.

Why does everything come back to penis size?


Elisa said...

I saw it so long ago that really I don't remember if it was so good or not, but there is a German movie setting in a prison, Locked Up (Gefangen) (2004). Actually there are 2 versions of this movie. The second version includes all sex scenes and is the X-Rated Version while Locked Up is the R-Rated Version of the movie. The X-Rated version is Eingelocht (In the Hole).

Tony said...

Beats Me ...
Congrats on catching the bouquet !
Let me know when the wedding is - I'll be there.

ARboiWundr said...

The Irish Curse (aka The Irish Inch)... classic! I don't know about the whole country, but my ex definitely wasn't afflicted. Potatoes and whisky must have done the body good? And gaelic in bed is kind of hot!

Jesse said...

Thanks guys!! Elisa, I'll have to add the X rated version to my netflix queue!!

Elisa said...

LOL, indeed I remember one thing, the X-Rated version was not much on the plot, but had some really good "insight" ;-) Elisa

Sean said...

I've also heard that the Irish curse has to do with a drunk Irishman who can't get it up. Being Irish, I prefer my definition...

Anonymous said...

"The Irish curse" is that after drinking copious amounts of alcohol irish men can sometimes have trouble getting an erection its the same as "brewers droop". Irish men have bigger than average penises.

try some and you'll see.