Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Fire Island Interactive Summer Calendar!

It's new, it's queer, it's nearly here!  Cooldan and I have finished a fabulous Fire Island Interactive Summer Calendar 2010!  Before going to print, we're looking for advertisers!

Have a business, website or product you'd like to promote to the gay market?  We've got ad space! 

Aren't we the eager entrepeneurs?  Check out the pitch, prices and sample month and cover below: 

JADE presents a 5-month interactive calendar, with final results and a summer round up.  It's the must-have yearbook for every house in the Pines and Cherry Grove!

Available ad space for the following, and priced at per month:

- 2”x2” ad space: available for each month (total of 5) featuring your artwork at $250.
- 1” x 8” banner at the bottom of the calendar month at $150.
- 1.5" x 3.5" tower box to the right of the calendar month at $200
- event listing: in plain text on a specific day, priced at $30. We will accommodate 3 listings max per day (so as not to overcrowd big dates such as July 4 weekend)

We are confident that your business will gain tremendous exposure and your endorsement will not go unnoticed by the community! The interactive 8" by10" calendars feature May through September months and will be sold for $20 at major retailers in both the Pines and Cherry Grove in Fire Island.

There is limited time left for you to promote your business as we will go to print in April.

JADE embraces each member in our community and encourages you to do the same!  To reserve your ad space, calendar, or for more information please contact us.

Phone 1.917.805.1325
Fax 1.347.826.1477

or email Jesse here: 


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!! Can I advertise my manhunt profile?

Jesse Archer said...

Totally! I'm sure Manhunt would be thrilled. :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing concept!
What took you so long to do this? I'll be calling you tomorrow for a spot.
Thank you...

Anonymous said...

hey - just passing the word along about this sweet giveaway for a chance to win your own LUXURY Party Bus for your 6/18 and 7/2 Fire Island trips: http://bit.ly/az1JMh